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yup2...I think Nicole deserve to get lot of fancams...

when she perform..we can feel her Aura there...

and all performance that she does..became really2 life...

and thnx for the fancam mae....Nicole jjang..!!

people should start to pay attention at Nicole now..and fancam....!!!!huhu~

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most of the fancam i found these day usually hara or seungyeon..

really want to see fancam of the rest of the members.

and cole do deserve more attention :)

i like how she keep on make improvement and give variations to her perf :thumbup:

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Aaww man... no music shows at all this week!

Lol I guess I'll just have to watch their previous performance instead!

And thanks for the fancam mae!

Aww and that's so true!

Nicole hardly gets her own fancams...

She definitely deserves more~

cuz in my opinion, she's the most charismatic performer!


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Well lets hope from KH members that going to Hollywood could have some Nicole's fancam, i think Nicole quite popular among KH members...

I think so and also she has a lot of fans that aren't necessarily Kamilia.. there's a good chance :D

Love this picture too:


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this picture is so awesome! I love the lighting and everything. :)

Yeah Nicole is loved... among all fanbases?

lol people who don't know KARA know Nicole or Hara.

I mean Nicole's loved, and she's popular, which is why she was chosen to be MC, right?

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Thnx for the pic...

Sexy Nicole there....woot...

Nicole butt dance in Lupin outfits...jjang..!!!

and the lighting..jjang...!!


Nicole popular might be the reason and its great she can be the MC...

cuz many people will know Kara after that....huhu~

if she want to introduce herself...she must said " Hello I'm Kara Nicole...Nice to meet you.."

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yeah..it's hara and nicole that was the most popular for kara...

and u can see that both of them seems the one that always being 'used'..lol

i don't know the exact words right now..

but i think they always the one that promoted a lot..

it's good if it can bring more people to know kara..

and to extend that they can handle it..:D

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the hottest girl of all in lupin concept ! :)

nicole with short hair~~ still jjang.

i love her mister's hairstyle though.

anyways, she can pull off this style too.

whoa at the outfit when i first watched the mv.

totally hawt and smexy! keke

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Omona~ seems like forvever since I watched KARA perform Lupin! lol

Anyways, another great peformance on Music Core!

Nicole changed up some of her moves again~ Heheh

She got lots of good closeup shot too!

And the booty shorts are back! lol


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yeah saw that too in some pics..

hope they will wear the new outfit, and cole with that hairstyle when they continue their promotion of lupin in korea later ^_^


woah mae..

the pic is jjang!!!

awesome..haha..thx a lot..

@firewater and kim..

thx for pics..

it's nice.. :D

they really looks excited, although they must be tired..

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