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after my last time reading this thread, i started hoarding all the videos of kara. but then i realized, i don't have enough time to finish watching all of them at the rate that i'm downloading them! so now i stopped at 30 GB, and is slowly digesting them 1 by 1 haha. i also have 4 GB of 4minute~~ ^^

once i digested them all, i will restart hoarding again xD

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omg you guys are all utterly crazy O__O

and me??

lol i dont download vids..... for some reason my damned PC cant open 99.99% of the video files out there (pathetic right) + file converters either dont work or need money so fml all the way in my case :sweatdrop:

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"Too much" is a matter of perspective. Only comes up if you compare to other people. I reckon if you enjoy something enough then nobody can say anything to you about being too much. I am pretty sure that everyone has something that they are really into which means that if you say that you are too much of a Kara fan you can turn around and say "I know that you care too much about something as well and it is probably worse than mine". They can't say anything back to you :P There is never a limit to how much you can enjoy something. I absolutely love Kpop now and I don't care what anybody says I can't enough of it :D

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My own merchandise I bought just recently. I was sooo happy because I finally bought a KARA poster :)

But super low quality because I took it with my IPOD TOUCH 4TH GENERATION.



And under the poster I put a slogan that said "DREAM IS A WISH THE HEART MAKES"

I was going to create big lettering on top saying "THE BEST F*CKING FIVE" and "EFFORT DOESNT BETRAY YOU"


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I think dedicated fans is a good thing (except when they started to bashed others), not everyone can do that, at least we know obviously that kara got loyal fans (am not saying the non dedicated fans is not loyal though).

In order to support kara, of course buying their CD's and merchandise is necessary they have to make a living after all those hard work.

plus by buying this goods, its not just supporting Kara the fan them self will be satisfied. So there is nothing wrong with buying loads of Kara goods as long as long the buyer can afford it. :thumbup1:

And for me Kara always appreciate kamilia, hard to explain but it shows, knowing their appreciatory is good enough. :tongue:

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I would love to get my hands on some of KARA's official merchandise like posters, programs and keychains, but right now all I have are the actual albums (which I guess is what counts the most, eh?)

1. - The First Blooooming

2. - 1st Mini Album - Rock U

3. - 2nd Mini Album - Pretty Girl

4. - 2nd Mini Album - Honey

5. - Vol.2 - Revolution

6. - 3rd Mini Album - Lupin

7. - 4th Mini Album - Jumping

8. - Girls' Talk (Version A)

9. - STEP (Limited )

10. - STEP (regular)

11. - Super Girl (Version A)

12. - Super Girl (Version B

13. -Super Girl (Japan Tour Edition)

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lol digital collection? XD heres mine~ bleak the earlier posts was on 2011 O_O I bet most of the people here have pretty huge digital collections too by now :PAsxaE8YCMAAxnCm.jpg

Physical Albums

1. - The First Blooooming

2. - Vol.2 - Revolution (okinawa ed.)

3. - 3rd Mini Album - Lupin

4. - STEP (Limited )

5. - JCL (Ver. A)

6. - Super Girl (Version A)

7. - Jet'aime photobook

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-first blooming

-rock u


-revolution(first one i bought *^^*)



-jet coaster love(the green one)

-super girl(red color)

-KARA sweet muse gallery DVD(i love this sooo much)

-KARA best clips


-Mister Japanese Single(+DVD)

i still need a lot :( I REALLY WANT GIRLS TALK...

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Albums I have:

1. Lupin

2. Best Album

3. Step

4. Revolution

5. Burn (Japanese single)

6. Jumping


1. Jumping poster

2. Step poster

3. All About Beauty Book

4. All About Beauty Poster

5. Kara clearfile

6. Kara's Vol. 2 Star Cards

Planning to get:

1. Honey

2. Pretty Girl

3. Pretty Girl (Special edition)

4. Rock U

5. First Blooming

6. Je Taime Photobook

7. Etc...





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