Perfect Guy For Our Maknae?


Perfect guy for our maknae?  

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  1. 1. Which guy?

    • Daesung
    • Minho
    • Choi Jae Hwan

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I chose Daesung just because I don't know who the other 2 guys are :D And I think Jiyoung really likes Daesung because of the text scandal. When she appeared in Family Outing, she really looks so cute like she was embarrassed because of the incident. Added to that, Daesung is a really funny guy which I think will make Jiyoung really happy, and I think that's one of the reasons that Jiyoung likes her. The only negative thing is, I think Daesung doesn't like girls that are so young that's why he only wants to be friends with her. Anyhow, I hope our maknae will not focus on these kind of stuff first :P

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black green...i dunno when it started.

what i know, first time they met on idol army. but as we knew, if they wasn't paired. * march 2009

and then on radio star they met again. *july 2009

i have watched it, and i'm pretty sure if he had a crush on jjingie..

everytime jjingie's part, jonghun got excited.. especially at last 10 minutes.. ok maybe i'm delusional.

u can download it in here

i recomend all of u to watch it full... hihihi

and after that in august 2009, FT island have a varshow when aired on 25 august 2009.


jonghun said if he want to be closer with our maknae.. :blushing: and jaejin, he said if she want to be closer with our precious girls ( all of KARA member).. XD

they can't resist kara's girl cuteness.. :eyelove:

what i know, every varshow in korea will be shooting 2 week before it wil be airing.

and i think kang minhyuk, CN blue's drummer has a crush on jjingie too. they met on shim shim tapa in juny 2010.

minhyuk never tell specific criteria his ideal type..

but on one interview in july 2010 *after shimshimtapa*, he said he likes girls who look good wearing a baseball cap. and u know what, on shimshimtapa when they met , uri maknae wore baseball cap. :eyelove:

hehehehe, it's not sure, but yeah... i just feeling it.

*im sorry for my bad english.. i hope u can understand what i mean


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Yup, I also think it started at idol army, but out baby Jingy didn't "chase" after him, it was only Hara, Gyu and hammie lol, Jing was at the back XD.

I think he saw how cute she was at idol army, plus she won the couple game with Hongki..

At the radio show, the dj ask which Kara member he would like to cheer for him and he picked Jiyoung :thumbup:

I think Jonghyun band member Minhwan also likes Jing , here in the video he mentions it, watch it, its cute.

I also support minhyuk and Jing hahahaha

P.S: don't worry, I can understand you just fine hehe, I'm so happy there's someone to discuss this topic with me haha ^_^

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i forgot something...

after radio star program, they have special stage on inkigayo..


once again, u can call me delusional.. but in the end, jonghun looking at jingie.. * i'm soooooooooo delusional :blush:

in 2009.. so many interaction between kara and FTI..

no wonder if they had a crush.. :eyelove:

bout minhwan's cases.. i dunnno... i just feel if he justa wanna avoid something.. :tongue:

i think he has a crush on nicole..

but i like he choosen our maknae :thumbup:

me too.. i also support minhyuk..

now my OTP between jingie-jonghun and jing-minhyuk..

these boys too handsome to deny... LOL

but.. i also like changmin-jiyoung.. XD

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Lol, I saw that now that you mentioned it, maybe he was jealous Jing partner with Hongki again hahaha, by the way, did you hear about the rumour that Jiyoung and Hongki dated? Heard from Korean netizens that they had the same exact skull keychain on their handphone, don't know if its true though.

But I prefer Jonghyun + Jing rather than Hongki + Jing

Looks like amost half of the FT island boys like Jing hahaha :thumbup:

I support almost all of those guys that like Jing , like changmin, leeteuk , robert harley

but I will never support Daesung + Jing ----> although jing likes him alot, but he doesn;t like Jing at all, plus he was quite mean to her in Family outing and he's always kinda avoiding her, so no, don't like him for Jing at all

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i have heard bout jingie - hongki rumor dating.


this pict has taken in early january 2010 ( at sukira)

i dunno i kinda confused bout that.

sometime i though if they was dating.. someting fishy.

jingie and hongki not following each other.. not like the rest member.

but at thet time, jingie is still young..

i really confused.

same here. me too, prefer jonghun than hongki^^

anyway, have u watched young street, when FTI and jiyoung as guest..

u can see, jonghun seems excited.. *once so delusional XD

btw, jonghun prefer the younger than older/same age.. :D

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Ya, she was quite young when the rumour came out, I think 15 turning 16, which is really young, so not sure if the rumours are true or not.

I only watched 1 part of young street, which is when they ask Jonghyun who from Kara does he want to cheer for him, and he picked baby Jing <3 , I guess I'll go watch the full session now, so that I can slowly watch Jonghyun's reaction/expression towards Jing haha

And do you know this guy, Robert Harley, he likes Jing ALOT, plus he's good looking


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do u mean this ?

no dears, this program is radio starry night.. here u go if u wanna download it ^^

u have to watch it.. really worth it as jing-jonghun lovers.. :thumbup:

young street program , here u must go

when heechul introduced jjingie, he looked at between hongki and jonghun. something fishy.

jonghun, heechul and hongki are besties.. chochoball club.

im not sure, camera wasn't sreen caps hongki and jonghun face.

and jingie, emmm.. what must i say.. i fell if she looked awkward..

and jonghun... emmmmm... i think u must watch it by ur self. so u can understand what i mean.. :D

in this video, jonghun texting hara... anyway junhyung also chochoball club.

suddenly am curious, who teach jjingie playing guitar and piano?

maybe it was jonghun. since he is guitarist also pianist in his band.. :lol:

robert harley?

i have heard bout him if he likes jingie.

anyway, may u gimme the link whic he said he liked jingie?

wanna watch it ^^

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