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  1. I think it was scripted for gyul not to join the ride. She looks so pretty with that sailor thing on her neck ^^ very nice! Thanks for the CAPS =DD
  2. Hara really pretty@@ Cool now I know how to rinse my mouth^^ I like the last video esp part 3~ HA HA HA Thanks for sharing^^ -edit- This is the first? So there must be more CF's later?
  3. Yeah^^ So you hara biased?

  4. Aww he looks so lonely~ Busy schedule for the girls in Japan the fallowing days I hope Gyul gets enough rest when she comesback, & the rest of the girls. Thanks for sharing~
  5. Nice both songs are CF songs! What cool stragedy LOL Hopefully we make no.1 on The weekly charts! And Congrats to KARA again^^ Thanks for sharing~
  6. Im in Love with her "gyul" hair extensions~ xDD Her sparkling orange make up to...makes her face look FRESH Like it, and love it her exressions too FLAWLESS xDD Thanks for sharing the gifs too^^
  7. SS501 Happy Anniversary <33

  8. Thanks Yuda for the wishes^^

  9. Thank you for the wishes^^

  10. Thanks for youre wishes^^

  11. It was youre bday yesterday too^^ LOL Happy bleated bday^^

  12. Thanks you very much^^

  13. what a nice Compositions of lovely photos from Gyul The blonde and Brown Gyul all in one really nice^^ I love it thanks for sharing
  14. For you she says~~ Her pink outfits looks really cute^^ I missed this hairstyled Nicole~~
  15. Kara's stage presence is just amazing! Not only that the energy from the crowd is great^^ Im glad that the girls are back together^^ From head to toe the girls are hot >< well thanks for sharing^^
  16. I love her ending in that english tweet Fsho baby! I can just imagine her saying that LOL~ She probably exited for the Dream Concert no? I am^^ KARA + Rainbow LOL
  17. Sunghee looks really happy, those other photos on page one looks really cute! I hope my wedding day will be like hers LOL Thanks for sharing, these lovely photos^^
  18. I have to put this on my must watch list now! Long time no see the girls together >< I think im going to cry just reading this TToTT Thanks for the translation, and I hope the translating team translate this sweet event^^
  19. This is not HARA but WooRii of Rainbow look really close~ she resembles Hara LOL, In this picture