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  1. I have the sites here. not sure about the name thou Member-specific fansites GyuleeStar (Gyuri) - gyuleestar.com - twitter Aechak (SeungYeon) - 880724.com - twitter Nicole-ing (Nicole) - nicole-ing.com - twitter Nicole-a (Nicole) - nicole-a.com - twitter Miracle (Hara) - koohara.com - twitter HoonJiyoung formerly hoongoding (JiYoung) - hoonjiyoung.com - twitter BAB-U (Union site) - bab-u.wo.to - twitter I want Jing fanclub to be called Jingoo. just cuz it's sounds cute
  2. Hi. I joined the chat

  3. does she has a nickname called JinGoo as well? I think I saw it during IY2
  4. she was more cute back then that was her best in my opinion. darn
  5. http://karaboard.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=community&wr_id=453363&page=0 Here's an English translation from Ravern@karaboard just need to time it in
  6. it's kinda sad to see those things. esp Nicole she tried hard but it's tough situation (I've been through similar time when you feel lost because of the language barrier)
  7. oh I think I stumble upon a website of this clothing companies before but I don't think all 5 appears on them it was nice actually. why didn't they rejoin this after the issue has been resolved
  8. group activities and seem like alot of us prefer group too but being solo just like giving them opportunities to show up. it's a good thing
  9. anyone who got responded screenshot please /or it didn't happen... j/k
  10. similar to me. it was Mister performance with sparkling spray hahah
  11. watching selfcam I feel that Guyri has been more playful and relax and more cool than she's now all mother like.. it's good for her back then now I feel a bit pity for her but if it wasn't for her then Kara wouldn't get this far as for sure