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  1. that xmas theme..must hv snow falls lol..meAku my old username n yea..miss the old shoutbox.. wow..i c ronald, jinjing, aly, ajj n other..wow...ms u guys
  2. favorite Karaholic memories? during tunas era ofc we shouts..n shouts..n shouts agn..then agn..agn..n agn, having war in shoutbox..till SB broken ..coz too many emos n pictures, lol..n i think i gt few warning for damaging SB, haha.. we shouts till we cant shouts, wait for mods to repair SB n then shouts agn n also spam in threads..err..i mean posting then DamagedLady comeback, its all abt vote,vote,vote,vote,vote..lol, vote here n there.. (thx to vpn thing) muhahaaa... thts all p/s : i gt alot of fav moments in here..juz dunno how to write it properly adios
  3. add me :) me_juzme @LINE

    1. MarK RAfael

      MarK RAfael

      add me!!!!!!!! user id hark0117!!!

    2. hanueljhen


      O.O ei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xp

  4. Hope everything is going well for you. We miss you in the shoutbox. Also, I don't know if you noticed, I added you to the Karaholic Shoutbox Hall of Fame. Congratulations.

    1. akuNinja


      aaaa...saw them :) thanks :) :)

  5. COLE..i.dun.really.feel.sad.bout.ur.leaving, but, bit angry..wit 'them' coz they let u go..juz lyk dat..lyk u mean/worth nothing to 'them', i mean..wats wrong wit the idea..continue wit kara but oso doing solo activity wit diff. agency, hhmmmmmppfff.... but..since they already..decide, wish u luck..n lot of success to come for u.. LUV U, Nicole p/s: someone waiting for u in L.A, he's gud man..n ur loyal fan..
  6. Hmm....hoping to complete kara kr. Album b4 jing contract end, coz..really dunno..if am still got dat 'feeling' aft tis, theres only kara5 for me, no 6,4,3..or w/o colejing.., new members? Dsp must be joking! #only gyulhamgoocolejing#
  7. talking is nothing..doing is something :) :) :) azam baru :) :)

  8. sorry for the jokes :) n guess tis is gudbye then..see ya :D

  9. so, my last post dedicated here, @Ajj woaaaa..there, i lyk that Jing esp the one as ur Icon see ya Jing....goona leave u for a while or dunno, maybe .... @_@