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I was wondering.. (please tell me if it was already posted and if it has to be deleted)

Do the girls have individual fanclubs?

I mean like Hyun Joong has Henecia, Kyu Jong has ThanKyu(?), Heechul has Petals, Junhyung has Jesters, Key has Lockets, Taemin has Taemints, Yoona has YoonAddicts, Jessica has gorJess and so on..

I heard about:

Gyuri: Gyulee-star, Gyutifuls ?

Seungyeon: Aechak, Hamster Knights, Hamtastic ?

Nicole: (didn't hear anything -.-")

Hara: Miracle, Haraholics, Sweeties?

Jiyoung: Hoongoding, Jingly bells, amaJjing ?

which one is real ? what do they mean ? :sweatdrop:

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i think they don't have the 'official' individual fan name yet..

just saw on twitter that the unofficial Gyuri's fan is called "GYULTIFUL/GYUTIFUL"..?

but i'm not sure about other members individual fan name though :sweatdrop:

oh.. i'm a Gyultiful Kamilia by the way.. :wub:

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I think it's a good idea that each member should have individual fan names,
GYULTIFUL would be awesome !
I heard ours is HAMMIE :eyelove:
And I think Nicole's fandom name is COLA (http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10695-nicoles-individual-fan-name/)
Not sure with Hara's & Jiyoung's tho :crying:
Pls post their official names soon here pls? biggrin.gif

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Well for Jing's unofficial fan names here in KaraHolic is a thread about this. But the voting is still going on so....who knows? I think "Rice Cakes" is a pretty good name for us Jing-biased fans. And Nicole's (She is my second bias)....I don't really know but it would be great to have a name too!

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I have the sites here. not sure about the name thou

Member-specific fansites

GyuleeStar (Gyuri) - gyuleestar.com - twitter
Aechak (SeungYeon) - 880724.com - twitter
Nicole-ing (Nicole) - nicole-ing.com - twitter
Nicole-a (Nicole) - nicole-a.com - twitter
Miracle (Hara) - koohara.com - twitter
HoonJiyoung formerly hoongoding (JiYoung) - hoonjiyoung.com - twitter

BAB-U (Union site) - bab-u.wo.to - twitter

I want Jing fanclub to be called Jingoo. just cuz it's sounds cute

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I like Jingoo! :3 Or... perhaps.... JAJING? LOL You just need the meaning behind it... Yanno... ChaChing? Money is highly valued you know... JAJING sounds like chaching! And to us.... or atleast me... Jing is HIGHLY valued! ^0^ kekekekeke Just a suggestion...

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There are so many suggestions for individual fan names. And I agree that we should have a official fan name for each of the members. :c

But, I'm an Aechak/Hamtastic. Hehe. And, I have a question, what does Aechak mean..? orz

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Is Seung Yeon the only member that has a fan club that creates photobooks?  I think that she is the only one I've heard of that has them, though I haven't looked too hard I admit.  SNSD has so many different photobook / DVD fan cam groups out there, I wonder why there aren't more Kara ones.

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As a Kamilia for years now,
Here are the individual fan names I've heard of for each:  :gemflower:

Gyuri - Gyultifuls / Gyuleestars
Seungyeon - Hammies / Aechaks
Sunghee - Sungjas
Nicole - Tweeties / Colas
Hara - Miracles
Jiyoung - Jingly Bells / Amajings

Hmmm I think we need to decide and make these fan names jst one for each member like Hara's and Sunghee's~  :gemheart:
Or maybe it's jst me, LOL. Don't you guys agree?  :gemcry:

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