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  1. Thanks for posting this! Just getting into Kara 1.0 as a newbie fan. Sunghee made a great first impression to me as I'm watching their early interviews.
  2. It's hard to just use one word for me. They create such a positive youthful energy in me when I watch them. They always make me feel happy, so I guess "Happy" would be the word I guess.
  3. Hara can always get her best look for the camera. When Seungyeon is posed at the right angles she is amazing! But Hara is always drool worthy.
  4. I want a Seungyeon solo! I actually like her solo song the least from the recent solo album. I think she should get another chance to do a whole range of stuff.
  5. I was not into Kpop, but my friend was because he thought the girls were cute and he was mesmerized by the butt dance. LOL He showed me the video and I was hooked.
  6. The Butt Dance yo! Hah Hah! But actually, a close second is the beginnning part of Step when Hara is just working it.
  7. Some of their newer Japan only songs have a very cute young and poppy sound which I like. I do appreciate how much work they put into practicing their Japanese language skills. But I still prefer to hear them sing in Korean. I wonder how the whole group would sound singing english like SNSD did for the Boys?
  8. If SNSD can do it, then certainly Kara is next up to go for it.
  9. I couldn't really tell at first. Since Hara was the most memorable to me, I might have thought she was, or Nicole because she was the spokesperson for the group when I saw them perform live.
  10. Seungyeon with Nicole a close second. Hara's smile is too sexy for me. LOL
  11. First it was Hara because for some reason, I liked her look. Then it was Nicole because I found out she grew up where I live and I liked the picture of her and the dog from her tv show. But after watching more of their videos, it definitely became Seungyeon.
  12. I'm all for a full length concert in the US. Only appearing here to do 4 or 5 songs seems kind of a waste. They fly all the way here for just 20 minutes on stage when in a major market like Los Angeles, they should be able to sell out a nice mid size venue and do a full on concert like TVXQ recently did.
  13. To me it seems that Gyuri has the most distinctive voice. Maybe it's just because it sounds a little different and slightly more unique than the other girls. She's not my favorite singer but I can usually recognize her.
  14. I think Hara and Seungyeon wear it the best. Short skits on Gyuri make her thighs look too big, imho.
  15. I fear that I may be the most like Gyuri. LOL Not that I think I'm the most beautiful or handsome, but because she always seems unfazed about saying how she thinks - which I admire and try to do in my life, even if it turns people off.
  16. There is always a bond between people you work so closely with. Even with good friends everyone has ups and downs, just look at all the US groups. Nsync was so close when they were starting up, but they haven't performed together for 10 years. Hope they do it this weekend at the MTV VMAs. The point is, you can like a person and still have things about them that anger you too.
  17. I think Hara can pull off any look so she would be fun to style but not much of a challenge. LOL I would want to try Seungyeon because to me, when she is styled right, she is the absolute top - most gorgeous! But sometimes I don't like the way her hair is styled and it can affect the impression she gives off to me.
  18. Yes!!!!! It's been sooooo long for me waiting to hear new songs from them. I can understand Japanese so I don't mind their recent Japanese releases, but for some reason, I prefer hearing them sing in Korean.
  19. I was lucky enough to see them perform in Irvine last year where they did all their hits, so I'd really like to see their solo stages, especially Hara's Secret Love!
  20. I got my wife into them. She was getting sick of me watching SNSD all the time. LOL But she really got behind Kara and likes them alot. I try to get her friends into it too.
  21. I think since Japan's market is so big in the asian music scene it a great idea to focus on a crossover to that market and stake their territory there with Japanese fans. I'm always amazed at how many older Japanese women seem to be fans at their concerts. That's pretty cool that their demographic can be so wide. Even my wife likes them better than SNSD because she likes their songs a bit better and their personalities. It can seem to be a bit of a down period because it's been awhile since they've had a major push of new material in Korea [yes my attention span is not too long so I go on to the new thing very quickly] LOL I just say that because I stream Kpop all day long from the internet and I rarely hear any Kara songs for the past two months. They need to be releasing more songs.
  22. Hmmm, this is a tough question. Love is really hard to predict. You never know when you are ready to marry until you meet the right person. But I'd guess Jiyoung. I can't empirically say why, but she just gives off a vibe to me that she would be the first to do it. No way to explain it.
  23. Ummm, I don't think anybody wants to see my butt dance. LOL I could see myself dancing with a girl who was doing it and trying to mirror her movements - it might look better with a couple, but as a single guy dancing, I wouldn't even attempt it.
  24. I always like seeing the group dynamic in action with the girl groups. It's fun to see how they interact with one another. I have never seen that animal series that Nicole did, but it looks really neat. The dog in the promo photo she has reminds me of my dog.
  25. I want Japanese style pencil boards [shitajiki]. I used to collect all the anime ones they used to produce. It seems like a natural thing to make since they are so popular in Japan. I wonder if they have them already? I'm not too familiar with what Japanese goods are on the market right now. The thing that is most important is to have original images on them, not the same poses and outfits that we've all seen over and over again.