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How's it going Karaholics?

This year just flew by in a blink of an eye, wouldn't you agree?

It's been a wild ride for all of us.

There have been good, not-so-good, and just plain horrible times :teary: but looking beyond those experiences, I can say that because of all those things, we became who we are right now :)

And as this year draws to a close, we @ Karaholic would like to wrap things up with one, FINAL surprise.

I know all of you guys have been waiting for this! So here it is!
Presenting... The NEW Karaholic layout!



As you can see, we've added quite a lot from our previous themes.
I'd like to take this opportunity to cite the following changes.



if you're having problems loading the layout, please scroll to the bottom of the page and look for 'change theme' and select '2013'




First off, The new banner! We feel that it has just about the right size.

(Not too big, not too small) of course clicking it will redirect you back to the homepage


We also included outgoing links to our Facebook and Twitter pages making KH news tracking easier! (If you haven't liked/followed us yet, then please do so NOW! XD)


We also tweaked the navigation bar! Not that big of a deal, but its still a change worth mentioning.


If you noticed the Magnifying Glass icon, then you're quite sharp! Also just to add, that is our new Search Bar! I won't go into details, but that is one of our awesome new changes! Interested? I suggest you check it out! ^^





We also added a Latest Bar! Checking new site content has never been easier! We have added the 3 most used forums on this block which keeps you updated by the minute!





I for one, have felt that keeping the community informed is always a top priority for forums. Guess what? Karaholic's got that covered too ;) All important announcements will now be in plain sight.







Among the many changes that we brought to KH, this has to be my favorite XD I just love eye-candy, and what better way to do that than to spoil you guys with more pics! :3


And a few tweaks to the bottom





And that's basically it! This has been the long-awaited "change" that has kept everyone excited. The staff really poured their hearts out on this so I do hope everyone likes it! (This darned thing was hard to make XD)


ALSO, please tell us if you encounter any bugs soo we could take care of it immediately!


So now on to the amazing people behind this amazing layout.


Lady Pimmie aka 우리0606∞ - This was purely her design! From sketches, samples up to a full blown theme! It was just incredible! Without her, this would still just be an idea. Thank you!


Master Mark aka... Mark Coz of his amazing coding powers, we're able to enjoy this layout! Amazing guy. Thanks man!


Ronald aka r0naLd222 he did nothing! XD well... maybe a little lol


Ron, Neris, Kevin aka Lupang, Neris and flamestalker - For always doing the QA work for all visual loose ends. You guys are so daebak!


Of course all the staff too! Everyone's input was considered when we were making this... It's just that my hands are hurting from all this typing XD YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


And last but not the least, to all the members. We were thinking of you the whole time this layout was being developed.


Hope y'all like it! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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