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Maybe Jiyoung's first impression will be like I'm unattractive. (Self-pity again! Arggg :angry: )

I don't have a lot of confidence in myself so please forgive me. :sweatdrop:

Maybe it will be fun because I will just speak the basic Korean and of course it is in an awkward way because I'm not used to it and Jiyoung may find it funny. And also I will speak English to her and she may find it funny also. I know Jiyoung is a happy person and I know if I got a chance to meet her, it will be fun. :)

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I'd totally be star-struck and wouldn't know what to say, but I'd tried to stay calm and keep my composure.

Act all nonchalant and cool but tell them i was a fan but act like i was a casual fan.

Introduce myself and try hard to not make myself look bad~

I'd try to break the atmosphere with a joke or two~

Hopefully their impression of me would be good~

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I guess they'll be bored hanging out with me...

I'm awkward with girls plus being a big fan, I think i would not know how to act in front of them


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One day earlier on this week I was checking some pics and I was thinking... seeing this one's makes me nervous, makes me hug her, etc.

So how would you act if you meet each KARA member seppareatly.


Nicole: Friendly & Dorky (talking about food)

Gyuri: Nervous (She's goregous)

JiYoung: Cute & Friendly (and maybe romantic, but nervous if I want to express my feeling about her since I love her)

Hammie: Friendly

Hara: Nervous (Simple she's beautiful and I don't have a idea of "What to talk with her").

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