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Kara's first impression of me: (anything in brackets is in Korean)

GYURI: [hello, how are you?]

ME: [i'm fine doing.] (<-my pathetic broken Korean)

GYURI: [Nicole, talk to this guy in English, his Korean SUCKS!] (lol I know Gyuri wouldn't be that mean, but she would have Nicole talk to me)

NICOLE: Hi, nice to meet you! Are you enjoying Korea?

ME: Yes, I've had a great vacation, thank you!

NICOLE: What's your name?

ME: Alex.

NICOLE: Nice to meet you, Alex, I'm...

ME: I know, you're Nicole!

NICOLE: [crap, he knows who we are!]

SEUNGYEON: [are we ever gonna get any peace? sheesh...]

JIYOUNG: [quick, let's run away when he turns away!]

HARA: (already 200 feet the other way)

No, not really, I know. But I think that they might be impressed with some things about me, but WAY wierded out by other things. I'm difficult to befriend, but I am still very friendly and respectful when i meet new peopl.

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lolol, LOVE the way you put it! i hope the girls don't turn away us in this matter. hahah.


gosh, now which wrestler is you more with? the lean type or the heavyweights category. lolol.

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I think if I met them their first impression of me would be... "Why is this girl so quiet, shy and unfriendly?"

HAHA, when I first meet someone I'm not really close with. I don't really talk to that person.. I'll just keep quiet but I will try to initiate a conversation though but after we're close, I'll be so random and hyper!

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maybe they will not believe me, they would think ... if i really her fans :sulk:

Im silent and shy types,, :sweatdrop: many people think Im arrogant

if I met kara and in the same room, maybe I will sit like a statue hahahahaa...

i'll do everything for you KARA!!!!! trust me! :determined:

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Hammy would be wondering why I am only staring at her and not anyone else :eyelove:

Like Tom looking at Jerry =)

Anyhow, I'm generally a pretty serious and quiet person, so it would be VERY weird... on one side you'd have 4 girls who are all smiles and very talkative, on the other a pretty serious person just looking at them, jaw on the ground from the surprise (seeing as I live on the other side of the world). To sum it up I imagine it would go something like 'does this guy even know who we are ? hell, has he ever even heard kpop ?', until we actually talked about something (I have no idea what that would be).

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I agree that this is quite difficult indeed, to look at yourself in the view of the second person. I think I'll have to stare at a mirror while I type out this post. Hmmm, . . .

Firstly, I don't know what to think, . . . this is awkward.

All I know is how I feel and think if I met Kara in person. My thoughts on how they might react right now ranges from, "Another faithful fan.", "I wonder how much money he is going to spend on us?", "What is he going to say next after greeting us?", "Come on already and say that you love us. Say it! Say it!", to "Oh, more gifts! Yeah!".

After that, I don't know. :confused1:

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I would go with them having the impression, "Oh! Just another fan!". I know fully well that KARA really treasures their fans, but realistically, no one can remember every single fan (given their popularity now) or have the time to have an impression for everyone.

I met them at K5J face to face and even shook their hands, but I only had time for one sentence which I said to Cole while she signed my poster... so yeah, those few seconds of first impression for each and every single fan - they won't be able to remember everyone of us though I know they want to interact with fans more. -_-

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