Who is the most photogenic member in KARA?


Who is the most photogenic member in KARA?  

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  1. 1. Most photogenic member?

    • Nicole
    • Hara
    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Jiyoung

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Looking over the 2011 Incheon Koran music wave photos it looks like Hara is the most photogenic. I'n not sure if she's just a natural, the photographers, or just the timing, but it she just seems to come out really well in all her photos. Lol.

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Of course all the KARA members are photogenic, but I think the most photogenic has to be my one and only GOO HARA!! The camera just loves her! In any kind of picture: professional shots, selcas, paparazzi shots, fancams... she looks absolutely stunning! With or without make up, happy, sad, even when she was sick! No matter what kind of face she makes, she still looks amazing. If that's not photogenic I don't know what is. :lol:

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