[Hamtastic] So Seungsational~


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you guuuuuuuuuuysssssssss!! that photoshoot! she's so freaking gorgeous!

so dreamy, mesmerizing, perfect!

and now I have to compose a message to Ham's 6th debut anniversary, luckily the deadline is March 30th so I still have plenty of time to find a meaningful words to write :)

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I found this on yt when searching for Seungyeon's JOJ photoshoot video.. they talked about the rumors of Seungyeon (MSL Break) & Lee Seungwon.. He said that he was thinking of KARA and mentioning Hammie (*excuse my english) does anyone know the details about this case or there is a link with english subtitle.. *still lacking in korean*

JOJ photoshoot

cr: Zephyrean

Hammie's Instyle photoshoot caps






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@wtimes3 : awesome gifs! so smooth and dreamy :)

love that Unionbay summer photoshoot, colorful hair!

I thought the colorful cutie hair Hammie tweet before was from BBHD performance :P

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