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Yeon Woo Jin Cast for ′Secret Love′ as Han Seung Yeon′s Lover



Yeon Woo Jin has been cast to be Kara Han Seung Yeon′s lover.

The actor′s agency Jump Entertainment revealed on July 12 that "Yeon Woo Jin confirmed he will be appearing in Secret Love and started shooting for the drama."



Secret Love is a short piece in which each Kara member stars in each of its five episodes. Director Kim Gyu Tae of That Winter, the Wind Blows will be heading the omnibus romantic drama.

The ′I Miss You′ episode, which stars Yeon Woo Jin and Han Seung Yeon, is about time travel. Yeon Woo Jin will appear as the warm photographer Jung Hyun Jin.

Yeon Woo Jin commented through his agency, "I′m happy I′ll be working with such a great director. I think it′ll be a great piece because the story is so interesting too. Han Seung Yeon, the staff and I are all having fun, so you can look forward to it."


source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/40544

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Happy Birthday Fake Maknae Han Seungyeon..Always be strong, cool, and I hope you're always healthy and happy..,I wish for lots of love, laughter and food for your birthday! And continue to be our very pretty, cute and lovely HAN SEUNGYEON!!! take care and we hope to see you soon here in our country ^^ Saranghaeyo!.KARA JJANG! 


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