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The holy place of Goddess and of Giant Baby, in Tokyo.
그러나 왜 대스타 KARA가 이런 외진 길을 걷던 것?
However, why did KARA the super star walk such a lonely road?
JiYoung님이 오늘 사진을 찍은 것은 여기요.
Here is the place that JiYoung took a picture today.

JiYoung photo shooting place on Google Map.
Google Map을 돌릴 때 압니다만, JiYoung님의 시선의 끝에는 도쿄 Sky Tree가 있습니다.
You may see when you turn Google Map, JiYoung had been seeing the Tokyo Sky Tree.
(Google Map에서는 아직 공사 중이었어요. ^^;)
(Still under construction on Google Map. XD)
그리고 여신님이 사진을 찍은 것은 여기.
And here is the place Goddess took a picture.

Goddess photo shooting place on Google Map.
계절이 다르니까 분위기가 전혀 다르네요.
Atmospheres are entirely different, that's because seasons are different.
저는 일본 사람이라서 사진의 장소가 바로 알것은 아니다.
그녀들을 사랑하고 있으니까, 그녀들의 있던 장소에 자연히 이뤄집니다.
모든 것은 사랑의 힘입니다!
I am a Japanese, but that's not why I could see the place of the photograph immediately.
I love KARA, my love lead to the place where they were naturally.
All you need is love!   It's just a power of love!
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KARA's Jiyoung is amazed by a tasty Japanese snack


KARA's Jiyoung was so amazed by a tasty treat that she had to share it online.


On July 21, Jiyoung instagrammed a picture of herself holding a Japanese snack with the message, "Dear Jagarico, how are you this delicious?"


The picture shows the youngest KARA member looking overwhelmed by the taste of the snack as she rested her head on its container. She looked especially cute with her pink shirt, colorful nail art, and sparkly earrings. 


After seeing her instagram update, her followers commented, "Is it that good," "Her skin is nice, and her chin line is also daebak," and "I want to try that snack too."



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KARA's Nicole and Jiyoung look like playful cartoon characters




The KARA members have been treating their fans to a countless amount of pictures lately, and two of their most recent selcas have fans going wild. 


On July 24, Nicole instagrammed two adorable pictures of Jiyoung and herself with the caption, "Pigtails JY," and "<3."


The girls playfully posed in their pictures, showing off their unique hairstyles. Jiyoung tied her hair into pigtails, while Nicole sported a big pink bow. 


Their aegyo-filled expressions and poses got fans talking. They left comments like, "Nicole is a pink princess," "Congratulations on your 5th anniversary," and "Nicole looks good as a blonde."



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KARA's Hara, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung spend a girls' night in with a relaxing soak in a hot tub


Rather than spending a girls' night out, it seems like KARA's HaraJiyoung, andSeungyeon opted for a girls' night in as they enjoyed a soak in a bubbling hot tub. 


SEE ALSO: KARA members celebrate!



The members look like they're winding down for the day with a relaxing soak and enjoying each other's company as evidenced by their big smiles! Hara captioned the photo, "SYJYHR".


This left fans wondering where Gyuri and Nicole were, but some suggest that perhaps they were the ones behind the camera goofing around, which caused the other three to burst into laughs.


She also later instagrammed a message of thanks for their anniversary for all the Kamilias that have been with them over the past 5 years, writing, "5-OH-Thank you Kamilia, today was a day with lots of happy events. Good night".




Tip: itsme


2nd Release 


base on this article

shared by PonytailCanyon




Note: this is not the actual screen caps

Mini Screen Caps by Ultraman88

All Solo Versions Sold Out.






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arrghhh..downloading  pandora showcase n its taking forever..n am super miss cute BabyJing,

wanna share her cuteness overloads..gonna watch dis til finish dwlding, n nice bgm song btw


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  I WEAK! I'M HUNGRY! *tap tap* YOU CHOOSE ME...I DIE!       SOMEBODEH PLEASE JUST PINCH ME LOOOOOL I'M DYING OF LAUGHTER :gemnoway: :gemhappy:  :gemshout:  :gemhoho:  :gemhyper:  :geminluv:  :gemnoway:  :gemhoho:  :gemheart:  :gemhappy:   GOOD TIMES OMG

it is superDuper cute English.., LoL overloads >>  :OCZgm:>>  :VxmQu: n then >> :dead:(right hand still moving anyway)   kekekekehkeh..

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