[Jingly] Jingly bells~ Jingly Bells~ Maknae all the wayyyy~


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people, people! Is it me or is Jing rapping in "Runaway"? I just can's stop hearing it!

Btw thanks for the video caps, they made my heart flutter and hurt at the same time! ^_^

yep, think so..ColeJing combo, maybe Hara too..

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Jing looks so pretty here (as usual LOL) I wanna see long haired Jing again without the bangs. I think she doesn't need them because she has a nice forehead. I know HARA looks better without bangs and I think Jiyoung does too. She's so pretty/cute. Her skin looks flawless here. I hope Jing can do more of these editorials. I think she and Hara are masters at editorial modeling. Some of the best I've seen from ANY idol. 

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can somebody plz post something here..this topics been quiet since yesterday, sacred-icon.png


LOL hehe usually People posting here for UPDATE ....  

:OCZgm:  :OCZgm:  :OCZgm:  :OCZgm:



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Jiyoung asks fans if they're ready for KARA's comeback next week with a picture






KARA's Jiyoung asked the fans to get ready for the group's comeback with a selca.


On August 30, Jiyoung wrote, "Finally the music will be released next week. Is everyone ready!?!" as she attached the above picture.


Jiyoung grabbed the fans' eyes with her charismatic stare while biting her bottom lips. 


After seeing her update, the viewers wrote, "Giant baby is really pretty", and "Jiyoung's stare selca, so cute."



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