[Jingly] Jingly bells~ Jingly Bells~ Maknae all the wayyyy~


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Since Jing forum always always need much more love and that she's the only one without a spazzing thread yet, I thought I should start her one. lol

Starting off with a bit of her sponsor items...? laugh.gif




so cute. laugh.gif


I think it's awesome that Jing was the one who picked their outfits for Mister. It also shows that their opinions matter to DSP and that they consult the girls first.

For those who might not have any idea what I'm talking about. lol

At the end...interview part.

Let's show much much love for our Maknae~~

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Omg this is too adorable lol :)

And yeah, it made me really happy when I learned that Jing was the one who thought of the "construction worker" concept. It's really creative compared to the more obvious "police officer" concept or something. :)

I thought Jing looked the best at the MAMA red carpet thing :)

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Aw, so cute~!

She's actually my inspiration for being cute-sy all the time ^^

I love her style and look, I think she can pull off many things-lucky <- ^^

@Dejiyoung: Oh my gosh! Why haven't I seen this pix before! Princess Jii XD

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^hahaha I LOVE Jing on radio shows. Her thing with Gyul, and then there was this thing with Hara when the show started with the theme song and they were both dancing to it. x]


omg lolol <3

She's such a dork, omg. <3


this makes me smileee~! hahaha.

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Idk how to take swf files off of sites ): sorry.

But haha she's so awake here! Hara's like, "..." and Jing's all dancing along and smiling.

4-minutes magnae said that she eventually surrendered to Jing's outgoing and friendly personality. hehe. (:

I like her bangs in this picture. ^^

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