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waaa~~ I miss jing's tweet.. she didn't tweet for days.. glad to know she ate well although she is not with her family now, but with KARA.. XD




ooh wow it's Kang Jiyoung

[reply]「 ooh wowow it's Kim Heechul oppa!!

trans by _heyhey52

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Being around the cities, it must be tiring, you know the scheluces for this Holiday season aren't resting or something like that many music shows, UARAKARA, lot's of things...


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cr: aank1

[Jiyoung] I'm sure everyone spend enjoyable christmas,right?Keep forgetting about Christmas as We(Kara) even has schedules on christmas but ...everyone!! I hope you all enjoy the remaining christmas time^_^~♬- kkangjii: 다들 즐거운 크리스마스보내고계신가요? 자꾸 크리스마스란걸 까먹네요 카라는 크리스마스에도 스케줄이지만T_T 여러분은!! 남은시간 맘껏 즐기시라구용^_^~♬

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ahh poor KARA they keep forgetting Christmas bc their schedule is full packed @__@

get some rest..and enjoy a bit of a wonderful Christmas baby jing


thanks sharkey!

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Ah so Kara was busy during Christmas.. Unfortunately it isn't a surprise as many idols and celebrities had schedules during the holidays. I at least hope they got to spend even just a little while of their time with families. Anyways, thanks for that translation.

Waiting on the recent ones lol. That dog is cute btw xDD

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thank you mike :)

lots of (new) tweets untranslated.. need trasnlatorrr


~ Translations ~ *from bottoms up*

[Jing-Yuekim.t] kekekek That's right. I'll let you know at once then*. Good night!

Jing was responding to a retweet where the tweet was mentioning the KBS Hello programme, and she'll let Yuekim know when it starts.

[Jing-SY.t] That Jisook absolutely won't give me jjyobbyong* (aegyo?)... If I pat it eureureureuranng~~~~

[sY-Jing.t] Me... me too.. jjyobbyong* (aegyo?)\\\\

*Now I'm not exactly sure what jjyobbyong is.. IINM it is a word created by SY for aegyo? I don't know.. someone clarify please?

[Jing-Yuekim.t] kekekeke cute right!

[Jing.t] Aigoo.. my Jisook is so preetty~ I regret only posting this up>_<

[Jing-Sungje.t] Merry Christmas!!!!!!_!!!!!!!

[Jing-Baek Minhyun.t] Hwaiting^^!! Have a nice Christmas!

4th one with the pic


Sorry for the late translations guys.

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Recent tweet from our maknae during the MBC Gayo Daejun.

이제 곧 2011년이네요!!! 와~고3이다!!!!!!!! 새해복많이받으세요>_< もう、2011年だ!みんな ありがとうございました ♥

[Jing.t]2011 is nearly here!!! Wah gogogo!!!!! Happy NeW Year >_<

Cr: benbenkr

Happy New Year baby Jing! May 2011 be another great year for you and Kara :)

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