[OFFICIAL] JINGstagram Thread

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jing just tweeted

made me have a big smile lol

and its been ah while too since we saw them tweet with everything happening ^^


TRANS: cr benbenkr

[Jing.t] Everyone, we're all safe and sound back in Korea! No worries!! To everyone in Japan, we're already in Korea safe and sound. Is everyone alright?! I hope nothing terrible happens anymore! Ganbatte everyone!!!!! -

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Aaaaahhh I was about to wish one of them tweeted just to let us know they're alright.

And thank goodness Jing finally tweeted us this!

This really put me at ease now. Thank goodness.

I missed her tweets very much. I wish they'd get back on their tweeting.

It's helpful for us fans especially when something like this disaster occurs.

Thank you very much for the translation!

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this makes my day!!!

I'm glad to hear that they are all fine from Jing directly. and this just proved that the girls truly care about kamilia, they don't want us to be worried and of course they care about J-kamilia too.

first tweet in a very longgggggg timeeee :D

thanks for the trans, Ron

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so glad that at last one of them have tweeted, and it's definitely because they know that kamilia are worried about them.

one tweet is enough, it's still better than those silence period.thank u jing

thanks ron and ben

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1st from below: It's the last episode.. Everyone, URAKARA has been a good drama has it not!? For this (the support she means) THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Okay, URAKARA has started right!? Please enjoy the show till the very end (*^^*)

2nd: I miss them (her puppies). Good Night^^ twitpic.com/4icbol

cr trans: ben

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I'll miss the weekly urakara episodes that puts a smile on me every weekend. Every episode had a charm of it's own and I'm a little sad that urakara has ended.

Thank you girls for working so hard and giving us something to look forward to this past few months ^ ^.

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