[OFFICIAL] JINGstagram Thread

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Thank you for all the hard work to make our understanding of our maknae,JiYoung's tweets possible!It is also happy to see her tweet.Our maknae's tweets are very lively and positive.Really very happy to see her tweet.Hope that our Kara members do have enough rest and that everybody keeps the lively and positive tweets going! :)

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continuation from the cake's tweets :tongue: reply to Sohyun 4minute ...94-line :tongue:


[Jing] its a cookie Sulli made for me saying it's me!! so wasteful to eat>T< kkek

[sohyun] same!!! [*looks alike]

[Jing] if you look at it some way it looks like Sohyunne too ㅋ_ㅋ

translated by _heyhey52 @ twitter

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Jing reply to Young Saeng

@mystyle1103. 못믿겟어요!!!!!!거짓말!!!!!!!

i don't believe !!!!!!!!! Lie !!!!!!!!

* in reply to Young Saeng tweets : Even though everyone cannot believe this~ Would you believe if I tell you that I drew this picture with a handphone?!keke Kya~Nicely drawn!! Even if you think it is not nicely drawn, please keep that thought to yourself!!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/h432mtfj

translation by xioachu @Quainte501.com

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lol..that's cute of her..teasing her oppa?? :)

January 7th, 2011


皆 寒いかっだんでしょう?(ToT) でも 皆さんが 来てくれて うれしいかっだよ! ありがとうございます! じゃ おやすみい~~~~ん♥

Everyone, it was cold, wasn't it? (ToT) But everyone still went, it made me happy! Thank you! Well then, good niiiight~♥

한국도엄청춥겟죠? 일본도 엄청추웠는데 아무튼 다들 좋은꿈꾸고 잘자용~ :-)

Korea is really cold right? Japan also very cold..but anyway... Have a good dream everyone and GoodNight ~ :-)

cr:benbenkr & anky

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