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    • break it
    • rock u
    • pretty girl
    • honey
    • wanna
    • mister
    • lupin
    • all

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I like all concept, but for me the most suit with our goddess is in honey MV. She is trully like athens goddess in here, yeah...they all like that,,,, :D

But, when I want to picture a venus or aprodhite, I will say for sure that gyuri in honey MV is the most similar compared to other MV.... :D,, :D

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I chose Honey because it really suited her Goddess concept with the dress and lighter make-up look. Maybe the Step concept should be added to the list because that one's gotta be a winner with all that colorful outfit matching her fiery hair color! :thumbup:

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well, to be honest, she can pull any kind of concept perfectly..

from cutesy to sexy.. just name it B)

but, i prefer her 'break it' concept...

i like how she look so casual and a bit tomboyish..

a hip-hop goddess :sweatdrop:

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