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  1. 1. who should go on WGM ?

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This one is a pickle! Normally I'd pick Hara. But I guess her being on WGM would be weird, with her being in a relationship and all. I think Nicole would be so funny on WGM because she's never had a boyfriend, plus she's always so awkward and cute. Jiyoung, I'm not sure if I want her to be on WGM already because she'll always be a baby to me! But seeing how she reacted in a jealous way when her Leeteuk-oppa gave her the invitation to his "wedding", I think she would make an adorable wife. Like a young but jealous bride. That would be hilarious! Of course, Seungyeon is always good on variety, and Gyuri will definitely be an interesting character on WGM with her strong personality.

Everyone except Hara would be great on WGM, but if I had to pick one, I think I'll go for Nicole! She can play up the innocent image, as well as the sexy image, and is really very funny and entertaining, so I think she would make for a good wife on WGM. :)

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Gyuri. Gyul's personality is simply jjang. Its 2011 and its been proven by reality shows (SECRET) that NO GIRL GROUP MEMBER can WIN AGAINST OUR GYUL!

But i'd also like Nicole!!!

Nicole's 16D personality + American-ish living style would be a change to what WGM has previously offered + her social network is huge so we'll see who'll get jealous and whatnot.

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Gyuri! 100% our goddess!!

That would be so freakin hilarious! And even better would be Gyuri on Invincible Youth, ahemmmmm

But Gyuri with some super cute shy guy like... SJ's Sungmin would be awesome :D

Only thinking about it makes me laugh, hihi

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