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  1. i wanna see it.. i wanna see it.. i really wanna see it.. i think it will be great to see some group exchange their songs and choreography.. they have great dancing and singing skills so i think it won't be mind..
  2. i think it's nicole, coz nicole have easygoing and easy adaption personality.. she doesn't get to shy when talk to other boy..
  3. i got to know Kara when i searching in youtube.. that i know mister.. from that i listening to their song and get to know Kara..
  4. of course.. when i listen the songs and have a good mood.. i will dance like them, but maybe it's not great as them.. LoL
  5. i choose seungyeon.. it will be funny see her as a wife of other person.. haha.. maybe WGM will be considered it coz member of KARA hasn't joined it..
  6. when i hear their songs, it makes me feel excited.. especially step.. it makes me want to dance and groove for it..
  7. i didn't had a dream with KARA.. i want to get dream with them.. it will be happy and fun dream with them..
  8. i think nicole and seungyeon has a killer smile.. seungyeon just too cute when she smiles.. when nicole smiles, her lips made a good shape.. i like it..
  9. seungyeon i think will be the first to SOLO.. but it just my imagination i don't want to them become solo, i just want them become KARA..
  10. it's either nicole or jiyoung nicole is so active and cheerful when she talks and jiyoung with her aegyo..
  11. mister honey lupin jumping Step winter magic that are my playlist for KARA songs.. mister is the first song i know from KARA..
  12. notebook, t shirt, jacket and sweater.. i think this is will be the best option for merchandise..
  13. seungyeon and jiyoung of course for the baby face.. seungyeon has a pretty baby face instead her age and jiyoung is maknae so of course she will have a baby face..
  14. lol i get seungyeon.. that is what i want from the first.. seungyeon fighting kara figthing..
  15. i think their all hits song like honey, lupin , jumping, mister, step and the others.. i really wanna see it..