Which member did you think was the leader the first time you saw KARA?



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  1. 1. Which member did you think was the leader the first time you saw KARA?

    • Gyuri
    • Hara
    • Seungyeon
    • Jiyoung
    • Nicole
    • Sunghee

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same with @hardcolefan cuz even though the first idol i know is suju/tvxq/babyvox/ses which is i cannot remember whose group i keep looking in back then i just do not know about the leader is and what the function them at their group but i thinks thanks to gyuri cuz when i search about her i know whole kara and what the image their supposed to be when appearance in television also other group,,

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At first I saw KARA in an MV, the question of who was leader didn't hit me. None of them seemed to have a significantly superior, authoritative figure of a leader. But afterwards, I had the hunch that gyuri was the leader after starting to recognise the members. She had a more mature image and the presence of a leader with her apparent confidence, calmness, and pride. And when I wiki-ed for the answer, I thought "of course she's the leader". It was that obvious for me.

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When i got to know KARA for the first time through the MV "Mister", I thought Nicole was the leader back then.... She kind of gave that confident vibe xD

When I researched on them in wiki, I was kinda surprised ( idk why though ._.) that Gyuri was the leader. But after watching more shows of KARA, Gyuri indeed fits the leader role. Like everyone else said, she has a more mature image. I also like her wits and confidence!

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Because i wasn't a KAMILLA when i first know them. Just a KPOP fan who pass by. Hara's face seems to appear on anything that's KARA on! Soo.. Because i didn't know about KPOP's FACE OF THE GROUP thing.. I thought that HARA is the leader! LOL!!!! :excited:

Well, when i know that the actual leader is Gyuri, i totally agrees with it! Her outer look is reliable, strong and tough. She would be a PERFECT leader no matter what!!! :gyc5:GYURI LEADER :gyc4:

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