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  1. I can't help but laugh a little when I see pictures of them wearing the "Best F**ckin' Five" gear because it comes off very strong, but I do like it a lot. Actually, when any Korean idol wears something which has "offensive" language, it makes me smile because I wonder if they understand the meaning.
  2. I wouldn't call any Kara performance bad or the worst but there have been a couple of performances where it is obvious that they are a little off. Kara members are human and everyone has their days where they're not 100% and I definitely don't blame them for it because their schedules are so rough. But this performance of Pretty Girl was a little worrying. Seungyeon made a mistake in the choreography and seemed mad at Nicole for no reason.
  3. Sadly I think it is gone for good. But the good news is that there are quite a few other Kara tumblrs that are regularly updated. Such as:
  4. I think Sweetune are great producers/composers and I am definitely a fan. I wish more people recognized the producers and people behind the scenes more in the music industry because they are just as important as the people singing/dancing on stage.
  5. Even though some members have already appeared on Running Man, it would nice if they could all have a chance to be on that show. I don't think Kara have been on Weekly Idol (correct me if I'm wrong) so it'd be cool for them to go on that show. I'd really love to watch them do the random play dance segment.
  6. After watching the newest couple (Lee Jinwook and Go Jun Hee) I thought about what if Nicole went on WGM with Jinwook... but I think Gyuri would be entertaining to watch because of her confidence and maturity.
  7. I have to agree with the people that said that it fits with the song. The lyrics are mellow and cute and the dance goes along with it.
  8. Kara have had so many happy, sad, and everything in between moments that it's hard not to feel that way too when those moments arise. For example, when Seungyeon was on Strong Heart telling everyone about the hardships they've faced, I couldn't help but feel sad.
  9. My favorite dance is probably Lupin. I really liked their costumes during the Lupin promotions, specifically the parts where they lifted the draping parts of their tops to cover their faces; I thought that was really neat. I also really love watching them perform Jet Coaster Love because there have been some really adorable group interactions between everyone in that particular song.
  10. Ah, I love gif collections like this. Thanks for sharing. I think I have go watch Gyuri and Seungyeon's Running Man episode again now.
  11. Car envy. All of the members have nice cars, but I'm really fond of Mini Coopers and Seungyeon's Rolls-Royce inspired Mini is very fancy. It's the perfect size for her, too.
  12. I agree with what most everyone has said, I don't think any of them are so-called "faking it." Even though the K-Pop industry (or Korean entertainment industry in general) could be described as shallow or superficial, I think that many members of groups make a genuine connection to each other. They're usually living, sleeping, and eating together and face whatever obstacles together so you'd think they'd have to learn to get along because each other are all they've got.
  13. There aren't many words I can think of to describe this other than "perfect." I really love the cheer pattern for this song (Kara yeoshin Park Gyuri, for anyone wondering) even though it's just a few words for the whole song.
  14. Thanks for compiling this! The Tokyo Dome Wave video was very cool. It must feel amazing knowing that all those people came to watch them perform.
  15. I, like many others, found Karaholic through a Google search. It's hard finding subbed variety shows with Kara in them because of copyright and all that, so when I found Karaholic, I was relieved. I appreciate that there are so many devoted and hardworking fans willing to do so much for others.