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(in ep4) jing was in the losing team again but the bad jinx? "iy2 uppercut"

i know it was meant to be a joke and i hope jing wasn't affected by the results.


like many here, you are the only reason why i choose to spend 70 minutes on a korea variety show.

tbh, episode by episode, you're growing in me.

one day, you will reach what hara has done to me.

giant baby hwaiting!

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I don't get the hate also. They kept saying Jiyoung is annoying but it's obviously that she's the most interesting one on the show by far. I also get annoyed by those Sones that kept saying Sunny is the one that saves the show. Yeah right.

Main reason why I watch 'IY2' was because of Suzy and Ji Young.

Lovely watching those magnaes together.


'IY2' should start fresh; only cast FRESH faces.

Personnally, Sunny's presence annoys me...her 'sudden' hyperness sometimes made it worse.

IIRC, she was not like that in 'IY'.

No wonder Yewon 'grabbed' her colar in episode 3 :sweatdrop:

PS: Hate and annoying are different ^_^

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watched IY2 up till ep 6 alr but it still isn't giving the same feeling as IY(the special big house built for them in such a vast plot of land doesn't help)...and honestly i'm only giving it more chances because jing is getting quite a bit of airtime...i agree that it's too many concepts for jing though it may be the reason she has so much more airtime...but it saddens me to see her wanting to react her normal self then realising she has to fulfil the concept...

and agree about the sunny part...i like her(kinda) but her presence really upsets the dynamics of the show..firstly she is a repeat cast(i mean what else is there to find out about her?). secondly it's supposed to be g7 and making it g8 for a repeat member makes no sense. i'll only forgive the change to g8 if it's for a new member. thirdly she kinda destroys the atmosphere. everytime it seems like the camera shifts to her expectantly but she's like 'i'm not gonna do anything'. even the recent eps where she has more reactions, i feel that it is too forced.

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Jing is doing really well as the maknae of the show (along with Suzy) and deserves the airtime she receive. However, ratings have been dropping but I see it not as the cast fault but the sequel IY@ really not meeting expectations and trying too much. Anyone whom watched the 1st season would agree that its better (for now), but I'm still going to give IY2 a shot since Jing is in it!!1

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Main reason first season was better was because of Shinyoung. She was the glue in the first season. She brought out the best in all the idol girls. Especially after Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna left, the show would have fallen apart if it wasn't for Shinyoung. Once again, she brought out the best in the replacement idols as well.

Second reason is the lack of games and hi-jinx while the idols are working. Shinyoung, Taewoo, G7 made a lot of jokes and mini-games to break up the tedium. Again, this falls on the MCs to bring this out from the idols. Also, the scriptwriters are to blame for lack of action and ideas. They don't inspire the idols.

The cast dynamic is also questionable. We know Jiyoung is very active, but there's no counterpart (besides Boom). Sunny is unexpectedly not as fun as the first season. (Again, maybe the MC can't inspire her like Shinyoung did.) Hyoyeon and Amber were supposedly funny (as their fans boldly claim), but we barely saw any of that. Bora and Woori are basically twins (to me), but too average. (At least Sunhwa and Hyomin had discussion points.) The only surprise (to me) is Yewon. She tries the hardest; ironically, people say she tries too hard. Damn, it seems no one else is even trying (besides Jiyoung). Someone has to make up the difference. Suzy's fine, at least when paired with Jing (like Hyomin and Sunny).

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Baby Jiyoung performance in IY2 is great so far from what i seen.

However, the Village Chief seems to favour other girl

(I can't say out who or it might provoke a fan war)

I really feel the Village Chief practises favouritism when he assigned the more difficult tasks to

our precious Jiyoung.

But I guess i might just be overreacting... after all, its a reality variety show...

By the way, I watch IY2 only for Baby Jiyoung... without her...

I am better off doing something else...

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(ep6) watching jing pry opened those oysters endlessly while battling the cold weather out at the shore, you got to feel for her.

it was hard for anyone, let alone a girl but she overcame and bit through.

and even though she was back, she put her hands on seasoning the kimchi and buried them.

"yeah yeah yeah" + another "yeah", you got my vote too.

btw she really really likes to go with chilli sauce. lolol

soon to come, jing was going to get her hands on.. dump!

and "yeah" again, she was the most hardworking.



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I hope the producers make some changes because the ratings are just going to keep dropping if nothing is done. They can start by replacing Hyun Woo. I like his acting but being the MC of a variety show....he just isn't meant to be. As a kamilia and a HUGE Jiyoung fan, I just wish the show changes for the better. This was a chance for Jiyoung to really shine and the pressure of being the only entertaining person on the show is keeping her from reaching her maximum potential.

Anyhow, like everyone else here, the only reason why I'm watching IY2 is because of Jiyoung. She is really captivating! Hope to see more of her in future episodes!

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Hehe, sooo... what's Bora's oppa doing to my jiyoungieeee?? LOOOL jkjk x3 Glad that he likes KARA ;3 but that hug... he like even puts his head to the side ^_^ .... :mellow:

I totally love jiyoung&Bora.... they play so well together~~ ^^ And of course, Suzy and Jiyoung!! I'll make caps but, there was one part when Jiyoung put her head on Suzy's shoulder ^^ SOO CUTEE~ Oh and when everyone topples on Jiyoung x3

Oh and I kinda like the samchons :3 The funny samchon, the weird samchon, and the boring samchon ;3 XD Though, at least actor samchon is natural ^^ I can hear his laugh in the back all the time XD ..though he's not that funny XD

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it reminded me about one guy whom had his hand on cole in metafriends. i was..

back to iy2, now they have done for mums, i hope they are to invite a friend as an episode guest.

(yup, please pull hara back!)

isn't maknae the most mischievous in the whole cast?


(whatever the damn ratings, i hope they enjoyed the days spending together.)

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It's a bit sad to see the viewer's ratings going down every week. I'm sure the girls are trying really hard. Most of the time, people will compare the first season with the second season. I know that they are not that funny right now. But, I still think we should give them a chance. It also happens to me on the first season, when I actually didn't find the fun of the show at first, but ended up laughing every time I watched the later episodes.

Also, I agree with people who say Shinyoung is the reason why Invincible Youth's first season was successful. It's just that there isn't someone like that in this second season. Anyway, I hope Jiyoung will still work hard no matter what happened. I will still watch this show until the end. ^^

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IY2 should invited idols group or actors....in IY1 they invited Minho in ep6 :mellow:

why the PD didn't invited anyone...they need to increase the ratings..come on PD don't make IY2 cancel...i don't want it :crying:

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I'm liking this new season of IY, although I still prefer the Season 1.

But, they seriously need to increase their ratings. Of course that the time that the show pass is a little hard to watch, I can understand, but I think that the staff is lacking something very different to impressionate the public.

About Jiyoung, she's doing pretty well I think that she's one of the best there

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