What is .. Your favourite quote from each member? :P

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So i've been wondering .. KARA has got ALOT of funny lines :P .. My favourite line has got to be .. During YTN interview :P .. When sunghee told gyul.. " Today is our honey moon .. But why are you always automatically the girl? " :blushing: <3~ You can even talk about your favourite reactions from them ^^ .. Idk post GIF's if you like too ^^

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Haha cute topic, they have so many lines to choose from... guess i'll choose more recent ones

Gyuri: "You know that cute act you had before was more disgusting right?" Against Seungyeon to defend her goddess concept in Dangyunhaji xD

Seungyeon: "Eat Snake!" Lol, I love when she did that on idol army

Nicole: "You have a nice figure, but you know it doesn't have any volume right?" Against Hara in Dangyunhaji.

Hara: "Where do you think you're touching?!" To Nicole, lol idol army xD

Jiyoung: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNx3wIlXYCw <-- the video says it all, my favourite response from her ^^

*Aww... thesweetsix got her account suspended on youtube =[

Sunghee: "Bbabadya" :D for obvious reasons

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I like what Gyuri says in SGB..

"Number 1. If I say we're number 5, people will just feel sorry for us. I'd rather say we're number 1, even if fans criticize us"

Gyuri, I think Kara is No. 1 too :D

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During Idol Army, in their dorm, making breakfast for Jiyoung because it was her exam day. Gyuri was decorating Seungyeon's scrambled eggs:

Gyuri: "For Seungyeon, it's special..." (she drew a smiley face.) "This is no scrambled eggs...this is a work of art. Eat it well."

(she hands Seungyeon her plate and Seungyeon sneezes.)

Gyuri: "That's how you express your feelings?"

lmao, I thought that was hilarious. xD

I can't put this in a quote, you have to watch this for yourself, lmao. Nicole's hilarious.


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Kara Bakery

Gyuri = You wanna get beaten by toilet paper? jajajaj

Gyuri = Just search Park Gyuri on Internet jajaja

Hara = Eat and live!

Gyuri = (when SY grab a mouse ) Is she a girl?

Nicole g.c

Gyuri = I

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In KARA dorm, Idol Big Show

GYURI = "you, I won't let you get away this" (to hara) and when she look at the mirror "It's better than I thought... "

and one of my favorites...

Idol Show S4 Ep 3

SY= She was kneeling down

GY= What?.. You can even check the monitor.. play it back!

*and if you pay attention*

SY= Faster, Faster.. CSI

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Gyuri has so many quotes I like, she's awesome, but I like these the best.


"In this country... I don't get hurt because 8 people in this country don't like me... (MC: Do you like any of them?) Gyuri - "I don't like anyone who doesn't like me." - Star Golden Bell Episode 248 (SHINee, 2pm, 2am, SNSD, KARA)

"Actually I have parts about me I don't like... (pauses)... actually when I think about it, I don't have any" - Come to Play (SNSD & KARA)

*Makes eggs for Seungyeon and puts a smiley face with ketchup, hands it to Seungyeon* "Eat well" *Seungyeon sneezes* "Is this how you express your feelings!?" - Idol Big Show (Dorm cut)

"You can just look up Park Gyuri online" - Kara Bakery


"I'm hungry" LOL - Like just about every show she says that xD

"Can I have 1 piece of meat?" *Cute aegyo* *Makes the cutest yelp while the meat is being cooked* - Family Outing Episode 81

"Oh my gosh/god!" - When she messes up :jogging:

"Wassup" or "Hey baby!"

"Ahhhkk!! Everywhere Monkey Monkey Monkey x7" - Zoo Zoo Club

"...is hitting, and then oh lalalaa oh lalalaa" lmfao! - Star Golden Bell with SNSD

" *shakes* Iroke tuuri... *makes a calling gesture* *Wooyoung goes "Ahh...."* - Star Golden Bell 248


"dabyloasdhasda" - Alien language

"Aneyo, aneyo... ANEYO" - Self-cam S1

"Seungyeon just took a shower, SHE'S REALLY SEXY RIGHT NOW.. You can't go look, but she's really sexy" - Self-cam S1


*Comedian goes up to Jiyoung and does Donald Duck* "Arf.. woo.. woo..." *Scared puppy sounds* - Gag Me Show?


I love all her immature jokes on IY


*Excuse me, Are you Kara's Han Seungyeon?* "No I'm not, haha!" - Self-cam

"Hello, I'm crazy!" - Self-cam

"Don't touch it you'll go to jail" - Dorm + Yoga vid

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Err. I searched and I found none so I'll start. :)

Err. I'm not sure if this is a quote but I remembered an episode in SGB.

Hara's the one giving out the clues.

Hara: 20-year old pretty woman.

Gyuri: Gyu

Nicole: Ri

Jiyoung: Yeo

Hara: Shin.

*Gyuri Yeoshin*


Soooo funny. XD

You guys have one?

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i think gyuri has lots of quotes...

and i love them all..

everything that came out from her mouth is hillarious!

During KARA VJ Show,

JY : My hands is bigger than regular boys. Is there any way to make my hand smaller?

GY : No. Just find a guy with bigger hands!


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Hara from Invincible Youth:

Shinyoung: Hara looks like a shaman. I should go visit her since it's New Years. (walks over) Shaman...

Hara: Yes?

Shinyoung: What do I have to do to be more famous?

Hara: Lose weight.

Chief: How about our Sunny?

Hara: Stop catching chickens.

Narsha: What do I need...

Hara: You're 30.

Sunhwa: How about me?

Hara: Study math.

Hyuna: (walks up)

Hara: Stop whining!

Hyomin: (walks up)

Hara: You need to get more air time!

Yuri: (walks up)

Hara: You're perfect.

Yuri: This shaman is trustworthy!

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