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Nicole has improved so much with her vocals, I'm so proud of her.

I don't know if it's really her or the writers of the show but ever since she started her MCing duties on Inkigayo there has been numerous mentions of her wanting or hoping for a boyfriend. Knowing her as a very private person, I wouldn't think that she would openly say those types of things. But if she really did want a boyfriend then good for her, she's growing up in front of our eyes and becoming more and more of a woman...

Maybe seeing Hara and JunHyung she wants what they have eh? Maybe this is one of the reasons why we're seeing more and more of her feminine side, and her wanting to be more feminine. She realizes that you can't always be the best-female-friend anymore... hahaha... She wants to be the girlfriend not the girl friend... hahaha...

I nominate Hoya as her potential boyfriend... hahaha...

LOL, I love you're potential boyfriend candidate but for me it would me...

throwing my bias towards L :* or any of my kpop guy biases siwon from super junior. O_O I dunno if siwon is just nice or what but I think he would take care of Cole well ^^ EHHH~ I just hope Nicole's first boyfriend would treat her like a princess~ or maybe just tell her that she's beautiful and shower her with love! Since Cole's self esteem isn't the best thing in the world XD But I think Cole wouldn't be shy and girly and stuff if she did have a boyfriend I think she'd be a lil' JUST A LITTLE more outgoing??? X3 In the "words I want to say" fanmeet she said that if her boyfriend would tell her to do something that she would do it and if she doesn't agree with it she'll say so. Okay my reply just became too long, I'm done XD

I do hope that Cole gets a boyfriend. I mean, love or boyfriend changes a girl(for the better or worst) right? IDK~~ LOL >///< ignore that O_O

Just hoping that Hara is influencing Nicole to get a boyfriend XD

Oh and Cole in the Family Mart CM!


I already posted a comment in the video about this but, HER SKIRT~~! It's so short compared to the other girls. It's good for Cole.. Since her legs still look pretty long and nice. She's not short either so I think if Cole stood alone and not with GyulJingHamRa, I wouldn't have noticed that the skirt was that short...

I kinda like the skirt on her though..... It's feminine and I always love looking at feminine Cole.

BTW, just a random thought that I had right now, I think Cole would look good in like a sexy, gothic-ish make-up, messy stylish hair, and dark clothing photoshoot.... X3

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^woohoo great gif as always jiji^^

neris didn't really like that skirt actually because it's too short for me.. but nevertheless, me too always liked it when cole dressed more feminine than boyish ^^

and i think she looks the best at that CM.. don't know, the other 4's dresses kinda looks dull for me :P

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OMG, those gifs of her shaking her tush... I get mesmerized when I watch that part :eyelove: Esp Hammie shaking hers in return :tongue: Oh and the GyulHamCole Hi5 :eyelove:

Really would've loved to have seen the whole dance solo.

Stupid camerawork, even the aerial hot was unnecessary. SBS wae u hire that person???

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I liked Cole's dress on the red carpet and the cut on the back was nice too. She looked really good in it :)

Her top for STEP :P, too bad they cut off part of her dance break.. what the...

Her performance in the collab, she was feeling it and you can tell she really enjoyed it :lol:




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neris! OMG! How could I forget about that potential boyfriend. He would be perfect for her as well... hahaha...

Nicole looked amazing during their performances. I preferred her collaboration dress to her red carpet one. Her strut on the stage to tease the boys, loved it! As if to say, "come here boys, see see no touch. You want it? Well, you can't have it."... hahaha... I'm quite disappointed as well at the camera work during the performance, cutting away from her dance break, like seriously!

She is getting quite daring these days with her outfits and the backless styles. So far gone are the days of our conservative Cole. I really think she's trying to lure in more attention from her male admirers. Since she wants a boyfriend, I guess she's doing all she can to attract them: "I can be more than just a girl friend, I can be the girlfriend!"... hahaha...

I can't wait for what the girls and Nicole will do for the next couple of days of year-end performances! There's always something different each time!

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Gosh, Nicole was really pretty in her hanbok for Inki







credit: as tagged

Nicole's Chinese Horoscope read by IU:

The fish that was once in a well is now going out to sea. You will be lucky in everything you do and everything will go your way.

I know the writers could easily make this up :lol:, but I'd like to think otherwise.

Maybe 2012 will be Cole's year?! :w00t:

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Thanks mae and Nov for sharing. Wow, Cole's abs now can be seen from afar. She must do pilates everyday :lol:

And I hope the horoscope for Cole is real :lol: It's Cole's time to shine :lol:

Besides, there's a part in the MC Cut video that Cole suggests 1st kiss for IU in her 20. :lol: Seem like our Cole really wants a boyfriend :lol:

Scan from DSP Colorful Magazine








Credit: arkilaw @ twitter

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mae thanks for sharing, haha the horoscope seems promising, hopefully 2012 is another great year ^^

nhung thanks for the pics...i like how this look like a photo shoot while it actually taken from a practice session :lol:

Nicole & Hara with actress Ha-Yoomi


cr : yummkati Blog naver


cr : as tagged

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More Pics from Season's Greetings 2012:



I know these pics were posted but these are bigger:



cr: baidu

While Cole looks cute and all in this photoshoot, she already did a similar concept before XD

Would have liked her to do something different.. maybe go to a cafe and eat? :lol:

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