Karaholic Turns 1!


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Doesn't feel like a year has passed.. but i'm happy KH is still alive and kickin' :D.. during that year, many changes have been made to improve KH and to make this forum the best place for any new and current fan or just anyone curious of KARA... We definitely have room for improvement here but we're doing the best we can with the current resources we have and I hope that shows. Thanks to the past and present KH staff for working so hard and being dedicated and thanks to the KH members for participating and being active. It's been awesome.. let's keep going and support our KARA :D

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Awww!!Happy Anniversary Karaholic!!I'm really thankful to be a member here & I would like to congratulate the ones who helped so much here and made karaholic the one we love today~the admins,graphic designers,translators and also kamilias ..you guys made karaholic the BEST source of KARA for me,and I really mean it when I say this: I LOVE YOU :D

Lol,Cheers for Karaholic!! :D

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well..WE MADE IT!

let's make Karaholic known even more.

we have grown a lot.

the staff is amazing.

i love working with you guys.

the members are wonderful.

love talking with you guys on the sbox.

thank you everyone for making it happen.

it's you guys,all of us here,

KAMILIA that made KH forums

grow&known. <333333!~

btw: im surprised that KAMILIA has grown

even more around the world.

let's help each other & spread more about

KARA as a whole,okay?!. (:


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=O Happy Birthday Karaholic!!! I'm still new but I'm glad I found this site and I thank everyone who works hard to keep this forum running and the subbing crew that provides us with all the translations! Hopefully this community will grow even more in the next years to come!

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WAA>>>>! KARAHOLIC ISH 1 year OLD wa...... COOLIO! BIG THANkS TO THE GOD FATHER! FROM OUR MODERATORS! TO ALL THE STAFF! WAAAAHHHH!!! COOLIO! Its REALLY Fun being here! waaaaa... COOLIO And to join the fun Im gonna dance mister.... LOL LALALALALALAlALA :D

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happy 1 year anniversary KH! :D

I want to thank all the staffs who keep this forum running...

thanks for the subbing team for the translations

I hope this forum will keep on growing :D

Let's work hard and spread the love for kara!

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Happy birthday karaholic..though its a bit late haha for me to say

But because of karaholic,international kamilia have a place to hang out together

People might say karaholic is inactive but hey are are from different timezones haha

So its rather hard to be staying up super late at night to chat with other kamilia

Thanks karaholic.International Kamilia will surely grow along side kamilia and together

Kamilia will be...Bigger? haha

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