[2010.04.20] KARA vs T-ARA, Round 2: World Cup Song


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Rival girl idol groups Kara and T-ara face another competition through world cup song.

Two girl idol groups are set to release songs to cheer for national soccer team next month on world cup. Last March, Kara and T-ara competed fiercely through various music charts for no.1 spot, each with “Lupin” and “I go crazy because of you” respectively. For second time round, they will be competing again in cheering the soccer team with their world cup songs.

Both KARA and T-ARA work with their composers to create the best cheering songs for the upcoming world cup.

KARA’s “Lupin”, “Mister” , etc, composer Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Su wrote the song “We are with you” in order to cheer for the national soccer team. It’s a dance song that’s meant for supporting the players and praying for their victory in a lively atmosphere.

Kara’s agency DSP media said, “This song can bring out Kara’s fine and youthful charm” “With Melody and lyric that are easy to sing along, this song is expected to be very entertaining while cheering together for the team” added the agency.

T-ara’s “I go crazy of you” composer Cho Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyeon also wrote the song “We are the one”. “The Key Concept of this song ‘We are the one’ is to lift up the stadium atmosphere” said the agency. This impressive song will be recorded together with choir of 500 people which is likely to be used at the opening ceremony and is expected to create a magnificent atmosphere at the stadium.

Meanwhile, KARA and T-ARA have started to sing for the world cup and are expected to release the songs soon. Brown Eyed Girls and After-School are also expected to announce world cup songs this coming May


translated by: aank1 @ Karaholic.com

Please take out with full credits when redistributing!

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i think kara ans tiara are both good girls group but of course i like kara most~

haha.....hope seungyeon will be ok with her hand so she can perform well in the later performance of course

in the world cup~

thank you for the news~

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I hate how KARA is being rivaled with T-ara.

I can accept SNSD cause ever since WG went away, KARA was compared with SNSD.

Call me bitter yeah but I hate how rookies get fame easy these days.

Plus, I do believe that MNET is a little tricky.

Always clashing comebacks as KARA, gosh!

I believe in KARA and I know that KARA has the bigger share of fans but still, it's like an insult to be compared to a rookie.

Especially that KARA HAVE worked HARD for years.

The similarity of their names when spelled confuses fans as well.

It's like every time KARA reaches the top, another group is always trailing behind them. It's sad.

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There really shouldn't be a competition between the girl groups here since they are both cheering for their country with their world cup songs..

Let's just support what these girls are doing and enjoy what they are going to share with us. :D

Hope they release the song soon..

Kara, We Are With You! Fighting! :)

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i love this kind of atmosphere...

all the artist make song for their national football team....

this is great...great sport spirit and great spirit by the Artist to cheer for the Football team...

I gonna anticipating for all the artist that make a song for their national football team...

all the best to them...

Thnx for sharing and translation anky....

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t-ara's to be used in opening ceremony of what?

how about the official theme by ham?

glad to learn beg & afterschool are also releasing world cup songs.

looks like their whole nation is going crazy about the coming world cup.


i hear you. yeah i know which song i'll be listening this come may/june/july.

let's cheer loudly behind the girls & leave the rest forgotten.

ole south korea, ole we're with u.

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