What Songs Would You Like To be Covered By KARA?

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hey. if this topic is already done, just ask me to delete it, ok?

I'm just wondering what would be the result

if KARA performed other K-pop artists' songs. Even Make them MV's!

Think they can own it?

What song would like to have a KARA version (hopefully, to have an MV)?

Think they can make male groups' songs versions of themselves?

Just share me your thoughts.

(Just like WG's Nobody)(Also, Again and Again)

I'm extremely very much curious!

My choice would be SNSD's Run Devil Run and Oh!

Male Group songs the i would like to be KARA-fied is SS501's Love Lke This

and SuJu's Sorry Sorry (Answer)


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I think DBSk's Mirtotic xD

or one of DBSk's Ballads. Like Love in the Ice or Hug. or Tonight.

but those might be hard xD

Definitely Gee. Kara has that cute short baby faced factor xD

Oh! too.

And maybe f(x)'s Chu?

all i can think of xD

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i think gee would be great..

but i want also to see them perform f(x)'s NU ABO..

it's different from their usual concept..

anyway, they are hardworking so i guess they can make any song as their own.

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When I listen to Super Juniors new song: My all is in you, I think of Kara, so it would be nice if Kara could make a cover version.

And for something different.

Mystery (Beast)

Hot Issue (4minute)

One better day (MBlaq)

Because of you (After School)

Stand by me (Shinee)

And older songs:

Couple (Sechs Kies)

One candle (g.o.d.)

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Gee would be great for Kara, it's an awesome song :)



I'd like , not sure, but songs that actually requires you to sing, not really dance, for Kara, I'd like to see Kara singing songs that require more singing and dancing :)

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sorry to Gee's fans...i freakin' HATE that song.......annoy the crap out of me just like Tell Me.....ok, maybe i shouldn't have mentioned it......it's just my liking is a lil different...

i would love to see Kara doing some tough ***-kicking song like

for male groups's song.....

Shinhwa's Perfect Man

SS501's Dejavu

SS501's 4chance

Super Junior's Bonamana (for this one, i got interested after seeing the MV used for Kara's Lupin in yt)

yes, Kara is cute, but doesn't mean they can't kick-butts....lol.


but if they are to do a cute/less butt-kicking song, i'd like to see them doing old school kpop girlgroup Chakra's song - 난 너에게

the song is cute but not annoying, and i could totally see Kara performing it.

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run devil run would fit with kara.

and i do agree with the person above me, gee would not fit with kara at all.

don't get me wrong, i do like the song but it doesn't fit kara well. it's wayyy too cute for kara.

plus i don't wanna see kara doing the "crab leg" dance..

seriously though, i don't wanna see them doing ANY of SNSD's songs other than run devil run.

the reason is, SNSD's songs are created to fit SNSD, their songs are specific to themselves only.

you can say that their songs have 'SNSD feel' into it.

though run devil run is SNSD song, run devil run wasn't created specifically them.

hell it wasn't even a korean song. they bought off the song. and it's more of a general song.

most groups would be able to pull the song off.

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Hmmm..since KARA is somewhat versatile..lol..their concept changes every now and then..from hip hop girlish to cute girls to pretty girls to sexy concept..i would have to say they can do anything..lol..added to the fact that they are hardworking..i can say that they can own pretty much most of the songs on kpop..lol

But what i would see interesting if KARA did Run Devil Run, Oh!, Gee, Bonamana, Love Like This..hehe..d list is endless..

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Well, I've seen kara in cute and sexy songs, of course i would like Kara to so some other style like 2ne1 ore 4 minute. So I want them to do Muzic or I don't care . That would be great.

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I would love to see Kara do BEG's Sign. All the dot dot dots Kara style would be rockin! And maybe an answer to SHINee's Juliet? We all know that song's the bridge between Kara and SHINee, so say Romeo by Kara would be amazing.

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Yeah sorry to all SNSD but I don't want KARA to do gee. For me it would be shinee RDD, since lupin and RDD show mature side of each group. I would like them sing f(X) lachat or something like that. But I do like them doing ballad as well like Dong bang shi ki love in the ice, or ballloon. SS501 deja vu, or 4chance. I would like to see KARA do ballad and sing and dance.

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Run Devil Run would be awesome~ I really want to hear SY belting out some high notes again sometime soon (just have to wait for the Japanese version of Mister :))

What else...? Ummmmmmmmmmm

BoA - Girls on Top / Moto would be really cool lol They did well with My Name so why not lol

Mika Nakashima - Snow Flower (Either the Japanese or Korean version), it's a beautiful ballad and I think their softer voices would be perfect for it~

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