What Songs Would You Like To be Covered By KARA?

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sorry to Gee's fans...i freakin' HATE that song.......annoy the crap out of me just like Tell Me.....

hahaha i like Gee but i know what you about the song being annoying.

like after a while, it gets so overwhelming O.O

run devil run would fit with kara.

and i do agree with the person above me, gee would not fit with kara at all.

don't get me wrong, i do like the song but it doesn't fit kara well. it's wayyy too cute for kara.

plus i don't wanna see kara doing the "crab leg" dance..

seriously though, i don't wanna see them doing ANY of SNSD's songs other than run devil run.

the reason is, SNSD's songs are created to fit SNSD, their songs are specific to themselves only.

you can say that their songs have 'SNSD feel' into it.

though run devil run is SNSD song, run devil run wasn't created specifically them.

hell it wasn't even a korean song. they bought off the song. and it's more of a general song.

most groups would be able to pull the song off.

i LOVE this post.

like i know EXACTLY what you mean.

i wouldnt want to see kara performing a snsd song because it just doesnt work.

likewise, when someone performs a wonder girls song, it just doesnt work.

like that one time when wonder girls and snsd performed each others songs back in 2008,

like. i was just like. bleh. no.

but i'd love to see kara covering any male group's songs

because i think it'd be so awesome. lol

to me, each group's songs are distinct to the group

but since kara's a girl group, i can see them performing a male group's songs ya know?

but i cant imagine kara performing another girl group's songs.

likewise, for example, super junior performing Gee and Chu during their super show concert is totally the best

but then if its like super junior doing a 2PM song, i just cant see it haha

so yeah.

i think any boy group's song i'd love to see it.

like when they performed again and again, it was amazing lol

i'd also like to see them sing some ballads!!!

like prove to people that kara can sing and sings awesomely~

maybe dbsk's ballads but that might be a bit harder

because dbsk each member has a different tone and put together to make a harmony

but it'd be nice to see (:

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any ballad songs for them.

or maybe they should try some english song performed by Beyonce etc.. ( I'll going crazy if they did. XP )

and I want our princess to perform some boy group songs, like shinee-hello or 2PM..

It will be Daebak!!

yeah i forgot to say, maybe ham or cole can try to cover BoA's 'Eien' style songs?? that's will be great... ^^

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uhmm interesting question....

I would looooooove to see them in a more "2ne1-ish" style Lol i think "Fire" or "Clap Your Hands" would be great with KARA Lol

Also BEG's "Sign" and "L.O.V.E" would be awsome! aaaand maybe 4minute's "Muzik"

as for boy groups songs....

Shinee's "Ring Ding Dong" or "Hello" and also i would love to see them dancing like Infinite in "Come Back Again" Lol ohh i can imagine Jing and Cole dancing like that that sooo cute! :D


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Hmmm I would like them to cover Beasts oasis, You, fiction, the fact, mystery, when the door closes, 2PMs Only You, snsd my best friend, echo, 4mintues hot issue, heart to heart, don't pretend, miss a love alone, and lastly my life would suck without you and hyunas change

I would really want them to sing when the door closes and my life would suck without you the most kekeke it'll be sooo epic!!!

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