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Of course its Jiyoung. her cuteness along with her growing sexiness. those beautiful eyes and smile. Our Goddess-Empress will one day return to her rightful place and rule the world!! AHAHAHAHAHA!! :devil:

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I wasnt really in to kpop but i watched variety shows. Saw Hara on IY first and liked her but when i watched Heroes i totally fell in love with Nicole :nc4: she's basically the best girl-next-door you can find in the industry or anywhere else on earth :) really want to see her come on a variety show as a guest or even as a permanent member maybe :P but in an interview she said she dislikes or is afraid of variety show appearances because people always make fun of her speech. I find her little mistakes and accent cute and funny and i know the MCs just wanna give her a character and buy her air time but repeatly poking fun at her speech does have an effect on her :( she's trying really hard to master the korean language even with her busy schedule which makes her all the more lovable

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