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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
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      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. KARA is returning with a special theme for its showcase comeback. This coming September 2nd, KARA will showcase their comeback at the UNIQLO-AX to promote their 4th studio album. This showcase is distinct in that KARA's new color is about "boy role play." Moreover, on the 12th [of August], KARA received much attention after revealing their album photo of them attempting at the boyish looks for the first time. In continuance, the showcase is themed after the new album about role playing as boys. On the day of the showcase, they will not only perform their new song but the entire event structure, props, and souvenirs will highlight the boy role play theme in which the entire audience can enjoy. Meanwhile, KARA is busy preparing the last touches for the album, the new song will be revealed early September. Source: http://news.maxmovie.com/movie_info/ent_news_view.asp?mi_id=MI0099387477 Translation by: sarah k @ karaholic
  2. KARA resumes their activities with a 4th album. DSP Entertainment has revealed on the 12th that “[KARA] will be starting their activities in Korea again in the early next month.” Since the release of the mini-album Pandora from August of last year, it’s been 1 year and 1 month since they’ve produced a Korean album. Last studio album was Step from September 2011, which is 2 years ago. From last album, Jiyoung received a lot of attention since she’s no longer a minor but returned with a sexy concept. At the time, KARA took the stage with a deep cut in the back of their outfit with a sexy choreography. This time, it’s opposite from their last concept. The company said, “They are attempting to show a boyish character.” On the 12th, they revealed an album photo of the KARA members in guy’s suits as the first teaser. KARA has been performing in Japan. Source: http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.html?cat=view&art_id=201308122129416&sec_id=540301&pt=nv Translation by: sarah k @ karaholic
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  7. It can be frustrating but more Koreans use the NAVER than Youtube. Also, they are trying to capture more female fan base in Korea. Ergo the new mannish concept. They are NOT stupid, the DSP Media that is. You should know that the international fans are not that big of a revenue stream for them right now. And since Japan is secure for them right now, they want to capture more fan base in Korean female audience who can be more rabid and hard core. Japan is good with licensing and royalty issues. So, their new Korean concept will not cross-pollinate with their new Japan album by showing it on NAVER, which is crucial for them. Since, Japanese don't really use Naver compared to Youtube. They are being very strategic and smart. You will have to bear with it.
  8. GAH!!! They were truthful when they said early September. I'm uber excited, but they should've done youtube instead of naver. Youtube is more international friendly. Hope I'll be able to stream, or at least figure out how lol.
  9. KARA is to perform a showcase on Sept. 2nd at the UNIQLO-AX Hall for their 4th Album. It will be shown LIVE via NAVER to the world audience as well. http://media.daum.net/entertain/culture/newsview?newsid=20130814081105057 카라 남장놀이 쇼케이스 컴백 '전세계 실시간 생중계' 출처 뉴스엔 | 입력 2013.08.14 08:11 | 수정 2013.08.14 08:11 기사 내용 [뉴스엔 김형우 기자] 카라가 특별한 테마를 가진 이색 '컴백 쇼케이스'를 개최한다. 카라는 9월2일 서울 광장동 유니클로- 악스 홀(UNIQLO-AX)에서 정규 4집 앨범발매기념 컴백 쇼케이스를 진행한다. 특히 이번 쇼케이스는 '카라의 남장놀이' 라는 이색 테마를 주제로 해 더욱 특별함을 더하고 포털 사이트 '네이버'를 통해 전세계 실시간 온라인 생중계 역시 진행될 예정이다. 이 는 카라가 지난 12일 데뷔 이래 첫 '남장'을 시도한 재킷이미지를 공개해 뜨거운 화제를 낳았던 만큼 쇼케이스 메인 테마 역시 새 앨범과 연결성을 둔 '남장놀이'로 선택하게 된 것이다. 카라 신곡 무대를 제일 처음 만나 볼 수 있는 것은 물론 전체적인 행사 구성 및 소품, 기념품 등에 '남장놀이'를 연상시키는 아이템들을 설정해 단순한 공연이 아닌 관객들이 모두 즐길 수 있는 '테마 쇼케이스'를 만들겠다는 각오다. 이처럼 카라가 컴백 키워드를 '매니시'로 선보이고 있는 가운데 9월 초 공개 될 카라의 신곡이 어떠한 느낌을 가진 곡이 될 지에 대해 대중들의 귀추가 주목되고 있다. 한편 새 앨범 막바지 준비에 한창인 카라는 준비가 끝나는 대로 앨범 타이틀과 신곡 제목을 공개하고 컴백 카운트다운에 나설 예정이다.
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  11. Online store you can buy Full Bloom that is counted towards Hanteo/Gaon dvdheaven http://www.dvdheaven.com/ <- just search for "KARA Full Bloom" Kpoptown http://www.kpoptown....-cd-poster.html Kpopmart http://kpopmart.com/...id_product=5629 Yesasia http://www.yesasia.c...-0-en/info.html Gmarket http://item2.gmarket...word_order=kara Purchase the Album on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kala-kara-4th-album-full-bloom/id696587050 Track List 둘 중에 하나 (RUNAWAY) 숙녀가 못 돼 (DAMAGED LADY) 1+1 IN THE GAME FOLLOW ME SMOOTHIE 2NIGHT RUNAWAY (inst) DAMAGED LADY (inst) Album will have a 52-pages photobook and 5 album frames FULL DAMAGE MV TEASERS AND MVS KARA "PRINCESS" KARA "QUEEN" KARA THE BOSS The girls will return with a full album this time (as for their 4th Korean full abum) Source: http://news.naver.co...&aid=0000039005 ENGLISH RELATED ARTICLES UPDATE LIST: From official Facebook KARA to live stream their comeback showcase @KH Translation [2013.08.16] Ready to return with Korean title "Can't become a lady" KARA, who is getting ready for a comeback, is gaining attention with its title song that's in Korean. DPS Media revealed on the 16th that KARA' new album title song will be in Korean - "Can't become a lady" ("숙녀가 못 돼"). KARA who is returning their activities to Korea since 1 year ago, has made comebacks previously all in English titles such as "Rock U," Pretty Girl," Mister," "Step", and "Pandora." Also, previous titles have been only 2 or 3 syllables long, but this coming title song "Can't become a lady" is 5 syllables long (in Korean), which has been gaining attention from the fans. the fans' attentions. After learning that KARA's title song will be in Korean this time, people are responding "KARA's new attempt," "I'm looking forward to how KARA will make their comeback," "Their title songs have been so similar in the past, but this is new." Source: http://news.nate.com.../20130816n16951 Translation by: sarah k @ karaholic http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15452#entry647002
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  13. [2009.03.01] [2009.06.07] [2009.11.03] [2009.11.16] [RANDOM]
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  15. GyuleeStar New index credit as tagged
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  16. Magical concept? Okies for me juz no..no..i dunno what it calls like pandora, music/sound at the beginning..i dun really like it, I want something like boomboom,
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  18. Soooo so so so hyped for their comeback. But my wallet isn't lol. I'm quite positive they'll release a "Limited Edition" or something to get my wallet crying haha but yeah i'll still buy it
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  19. Hmm.....why do I get the feeling that it might be a 'magical' concept??? Maybe because of the tux and the hat in the promo.....
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  20. Woohoooo..osom!! This is their first comeback for me as kamilia..n they back with full album..wow!! So happy like 'forgiving my isp for service interupted' As long as it doesnt sound lyk bs circus then ok, n for me they look more to justin timberlake sexyback, not sure bout mj dow, am no fan of him :-)
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  21. Hi, new one here, usually doing the exact opposite to what I'm told to do... except when it comes to Internet forums xD Then I do as I'm told to.
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  22. Date: 13-08-07 21:28 HOW ARE YOU www Date: 13-08-08 19:19 Good'-'b Date: 13-08-08 21:25 Come Back Home 열심히 녹음하고 있어요. Date: 13-08-10 23:49 ㅇㅅㅇ Date: 13-08-11 21:28 #IWannaGoBack#ナガシマスパーランド # IWannaGoBack # 나가시마 스파 랜드 Date: 13-08-11 21:33 냉무. Date: 13-08-12 19:44 자 그럼. Date: 13-08-14 00:53 #BlurredLines#RobinThicke#ToyStoryGOODNIGHTwwww 심심했ㅇ. http://instagram.com/p/c9Vr9FkLOz/ ..
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  24. The handsome Kara oppas are back! Quite hard to believe that my dream came true
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  28. oh men...i'm not lurker to my twitter that much.. i have Ratings .. i don't much about it..but it said.. Epic doing good considering w/o much exposure and its for kids in general
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  29. about Epic, I read somewhere in twitter that the viewers already exceed 400K in the 1st week.. isn't that great!?
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  32. LOL I remember when I first saw akb48's Yuko Oshima OMG! this girl kinda reminded me of Seungyeon in some angle.. and now the main girl from The Greatest Love what's her name again*googles* yeah its Gong Hyo Jin maybe that's her long lost sister..
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  34. I was a fan of Dong Yi before I watch JOJ but I don't even hate the New Dong Yi (because of Hammie kekeke... ) Honestly I fell in love with Hammie again from JOJ I'm a J-POP fan who isn't into K-POP that much I knew her and like her for a while but didn't fangirl to her as much as now After watching JOJ.... I really like her more and more and became to 'Kamilia'
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  37. [Event] 130810 Music Core Music Festival in Sokcho 2013 by ㄴㅇㄹ @DCInside http://www.karaholic...showtopic=15384 [FANCAM] 130810 Music Core Music Festival in Sokcho 2013 "Rehearsal" [Event] 130810 Music Core Music Festival in Sokcho 2013 by DooDoo http://www.karaholic...showtopic=15387
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  38. I dont think you have to be skinny to be sexy. you can be chubby and still be sexy. the problem with Jiyoung is that she is terrible at acting sexy which is more important. Girl needs help from nicole or Sistar members. If she cant act sexy then she should stick to being cute....
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  41. be more active Jing..more..more..more active on Instag
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  44. On the morning of the 26th at the CGV in the IFC Mall in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yeouido-dong, Seoul, MBC cable drama "Nail Shop Paris" held a production report conference. On this day, KARA's member Gyuri Park's fan cafe "Gyuri Star" and "DC Gyuri Park Gallery" fans cheered her on by sending 400 kg of rice wreaths. Wishing success on the drama, the ribbons on the rice wreaths said "Giant ratings, leading Gyuri Park, Gyuri-Star," "Gyuri-Oppa, I like [you] a lot too," "Even though you can't do the multiplications, you'll win the best actor award," "Gyuri Park gallery wanting to believe 7x4 = 24." After the production report conference was over, Gyrui park as the designated donor, it has been planned to give the 400kg of rice that could feed 3,400 poorly fed children to those who are in need. In addition to the rice wreaths sent by the fans, one can see greater benefit of the donation, because as Seoul city has designated, it's been prepared that the rice wreath company donates 70% of the profit as social enterprise. Gyuri Park's flan clubs has been showing continuous rice wreath donation support since the year 2011. Last year, celebrating KARA's solo concert, through the fan's rice wreath gifts, a donation was made to "Seoul's SOS Children Village" and during last January, a donation was made to "Good Neighbors." On May 3rd, the first episode of Nail Shop Paris will be broadcasted. The cast includes of KARA's leader Gyuri Park, Chundoong from MBLAQ, Jaerim Song, Jihoo Jeon as the leading star creating a "pretty boy" employee happenings within the new trend drama, Nail Shop Paris by MBS Drama. Translated by: sarah k @ karaholic.com Tip: Lupin @ karaholic.com Source: http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=183438
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