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  1. that first picture... i died <3 ahhhh im so glad that step did so well (: and its definitely well-deserved mr. simple sold so many copies
  2. i think the song will do awesome in Japan! its the type of song that would really be popular and it has the perfect feel for Christmas and winter. but yeah i hope the PV can have some sort of good plotline~ winter magic seems like the type of song to have a good PV btw i thought kara was suppose to release a new full length album in Japan... or are they gonna release one after this 5th single? because they just released a full length album in Korea?
  3. awwww thats so true!!!! (:i really love this new album no matter what any haters say, i love the song and im glad the girls are back because they definitely stepped it up
  4. tbh i really don't remember how i became to be such a huge fan of kara. i remember when honey was released and i started learning more about kara that i thought kara was one of the most amazing groups out there. but rather than one member completely catching my eye and then leading me to love the rest of the members, i think it was an over-all effort by all the members xD
  5. i think it'd have to be nicole. its been forever since her long hair and that purple really makes her pop. obviously my eyes immediately drew towards gyuri in the center but overall, i think it'd be nicole lol
  6. my first reaction was: "seriously God? why do you punish me like this with my favorite groups?" my favorite groups are dbsk, suju, csjh, kara, then SHINee, f(x), and Beast. i can't say like after the controversy i found myself completely dedicating to kara or anything totally out there like that. i've always loved kara because of how the girls are and i still do. they're SO natural, in everything they do. no matter if its performances, shows, or whatever. i didnt think kara was going to disband, no matter what. like i dont know how it would work out but i didn't think they would disband. i think throughout the entire thing, i was so confident yet so scared. i was so scared that kara was going to end up like my other favorite groups. but i was also confident that it was going to turn out differently. obviously the issue made me appreciate and love kara even more. but the overall effected more than just my kamilia and kara side (other than me loving how united Kamilia was because I was so torn when Cassies were divided for a period of time and maybe still now) i think overall it was more of a thing that made me revitalize my fandom in others like dbsk and super junior.
  7. wow! i finally found this thread! i've been in need of this thread for me to talk about hara's voice so hara gets bashed for her singing, her looks, and almost everything she does. here's my problem though. she's compared to yoona from snsd b/c both are just the faces of the group and people think they both suck at singing. i'm not gonna delve into yoona's singing here b/c that's not relevant but i really dislike it when people say that hara can't sing. or that she sings worse than a 4 year old or that she doesnt deserve to be a singer or that she is only popular for her looks and thats why she's even in Kara i dislike it because its all untrue. sure, hara lacks much more in the singing department and she is nowhere near one of the best singers u ever heard but its not like she cant sing... people hear her one little clip singing because i'm a girl. i heard that clip too and i love hara but she did sound sucky in there but i also know because i went and searched for hara singing live for other songs and especially when she sings in i am(ing)... she CAN sing and i wish taht people would just see that. i dont know why DSP decides to give her less and less lines and i really really dislike that because i want to her more of hara singing but i just dont think its true. honestly, hara has improved a lot and she has a nice raw voice. she needs to improve, of course. but its actually one of the nicest out of all of the members. i dont know. hara is not like celine dion when it comes to singing but its not like she sucks more than a normal 4 year old
  8. well~ i think that kara needs to have two different concert tours. they need to have a korean concert tour and they need to have a japanese concert tour. i feel like those two should be two different things. and for the japanese concert tour, the grand finale at tokyo dome would be amazing ♥ lets make kara to be the first (am i right?) korean girl group to perform there ^^
  9. hahaha mentioned in an American article? YES I THINK SO ♥ but the thing is... that i dont want kara to be known as a korean girl group promoting in japan eventually, i want the girls to be like tohoshinki and boa. to be able to actually become JAPANESE artists.
  10. i looked again on the oricon chart. they got moved down to third on the oricon chart right now but its pretty good considering who they're up against. they're up against hey! say! JUMP(currently 1st) and akb48's subgroup no3b(currently 2nd). and i'm just happy that they got to outsell no3b on the first day because no3b's single was released the same day as go go summer so even though they're not first, going up against tougher competition is good for kara rather than just releasing music when no one released songs. by going up against japan's most popular groups and everything, they can really prove that they're the best and that kara cant be defeated and that they're awesome <3 even though they're up against tough competition and i wouldn't be surprised if they got 3rd on the weekly chart, i kinda hope they'd at least get 1st or at least 2nd~ i'll still pray for that (:
  11. ohhhh thanks for uploading! i love jing's hair for this one haha its so cute and totally fits xD and i love hara's yellow braids and as usual, this concept and the outfits and everything are TOTALLY cute they did a good job as usual haha all so bright and jumpy around and energetic hehe
  12. hmmmm i saw them at 2010's hollywood bowl (: i wasnt as close to them because of my seat but they were so freaking amazing. like even from where i was sitting, i can tell how freaking gorgeous they were i cant comment on their live singing because those kinds of concert always has sucky audio systems but they had AMAZING stage presence. like they really pumped up the crowd even though only nicole can speak english but i havent actually like. one on one/face to face talk to them or anything like that though
  13. haha i used to think seungyeon's eyes were the prettiest thing i've ever seen which i still think they're pretty as heck lol but when the pictures are there and placed next to each other, i think hara's eyes are the prettiest. not only are her eyes HUGE, but theres something clear and bright about it that i love <3
  14. obviously all of kara is amazing but i think seungyeon and nicole stand out to me. both of them always bring out the most in the song and then you cant help but feel attracted to them as they perform no matter if its honey or if its lupin, its like. nicole and seungyeon completely immerse themselves into the concept of the song and then always just have this different feel to them
  15. hahaha i like Gee but i know what you about the song being annoying. like after a while, it gets so overwhelming O.O i LOVE this post. like i know EXACTLY what you mean. i wouldnt want to see kara performing a snsd song because it just doesnt work. likewise, when someone performs a wonder girls song, it just doesnt work. like that one time when wonder girls and snsd performed each others songs back in 2008, like. i was just like. bleh. no. but i'd love to see kara covering any male group's songs because i think it'd be so awesome. lol to me, each group's songs are distinct to the group but since kara's a girl group, i can see them performing a male group's songs ya know? but i cant imagine kara performing another girl group's songs. likewise, for example, super junior performing Gee and Chu during their super show concert is totally the best but then if its like super junior doing a 2PM song, i just cant see it haha so yeah. i think any boy group's song i'd love to see it. like when they performed again and again, it was amazing lol i'd also like to see them sing some ballads!!! like prove to people that kara can sing and sings awesomely~ maybe dbsk's ballads but that might be a bit harder because dbsk each member has a different tone and put together to make a harmony but it'd be nice to see (:
  16. tinaomina's description really helped O.o so i guess because they're used to pick up sound thats why the girls use them to record. so that they can hear the slightest flaws in the recording and all that seirously though great eye for even catching the type of headphones! xDDD looks like i will have to check them out myself. i've been wanting to get new headphones...
  17. i'd love for kara to be on wgm! but then the thing is that i'd need to approve of the husband(s) and the husband cant be a part of another favorite otp of mine haha because then that'd ruin things but besides that. i'd LOVE to see them on wgm it'd be interesting to see the girls from a relationship/wife perspective haha
  18. i really like hara's acting in here (; shes doing a good job with playing out her role obviously shes still not the best actress out there yet but shes on her way to! and not to mention, all of her character's outfits and hairstyles really makes her look cute (: i cant think of a better person to play this role than hara HARA FIGHTING
  19. HAHAHAHAHAHA hara xDDDDDD such an interesting habit LOL i especially love the one where she took the stuff from hyunjoong and the CD from her company ahahahaha xDDD
  20. i think its cuz loose shirts are more comfortable and not to mention, loose shirts on skinny girls look nice in a way or it cld be that hara doesnt like showing off her figure which could also be a reasonable explanation ^^
  21. whoa!! so many awesome pictures here some are my favorites:
  22. hahaha obviously kamilia loves all the kara members but i think... nicole is the most popular haha if not nicole, then it'd be hayeon
  23. i'm going to be 18 (international age) in october haha i was born in 1993 but im in the same grade as jiyoung because when i moved to the US from taiwan, i was suppose to start 2nd grade but they wouldnt let me so i had to do 1st grade haha
  24. haha ahh i remember when they first won (: it was such a sweet and wondrous moment but now that i look back, it is pretty funny how there was such a difference in reaction xD thanks for subbing and sharing! it was so cute and sweet hehe
  25. ONEW!!! freaking onyeon is like the best thing that ever happened i always wish for them to have more interactions hehe it'd be nice to see them on WGM because they've been paired up before in variety shows and music shows and since cole and key are good friends, onyeon must also at least be acquainted lol