[2011.06.29] Japanese 4th Single [Go Go Summer]


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KARA's 4th Japanese single titled "GO GO Summer!" will be released on 29th June 2011.
The title song is chosen to be the LG Electronics CM for their new smartphone Optimus Bright launch.
The B-side is "Girls Be Ambitious" which is the theme song for the Palty CM released earlier.
The filmings of the music video in Korea and Thailand have already been completed.

Limited Edition / Jacket A (Single + DVD)

Limited Edition / Jacket B (Single + Photobook)

Limited Edition / Jacket C (Single + Bonus Track)

Jacket Photo:
HD Link

Track List:
[CD] 1. GO GO Summer!
[CD] 2. Girls Be Ambitious!
[CD] 3. GO GO Summer! (Instrumental)
[CD] 4. Girls Be Ambitious! (Instrumental)
[CD] 5. To Me (Bonus Track - Korean Song)
[DVD] 1. GO GO Summer! (Music Clip)
[DVD] 2. GO GO Summer! (Music Clip - Dance Version)
[DVD] 2. GO GO Summer! (Music Clip - BTS)

28 pages

Purchase Links:
AmazonJapan-A, AmazonJapan-B, AmazonJapan-C
CDJapan-A, CDJapan-B, CDJapan-C
HMVJapan-A, HMVJapan-B, HMVJapan-C
YesAsia-A, YesAsia-B, YesAsia-C

Audio - MediaFire Link
Audio - Streambox

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So excited for their new Japanese single and that we'll finally get the fulll length Girls be Ambitious too! I love all the covers. Cover C is the prettiest but the dog with the sunglasses on version B is too funny and cute :lol:

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the covers look so pretty and bright. I guess this song is going to be a cute cheery song. I love all the covers but I feel for the blue and white, since I love blue and they all look gorgeous.Plus I love how everyone look and the hat on nicole look great.I guess they let her keep her hair. Can't wit till this single come out. Wondering how much they are going to sell, is it to early to start guess how much the girls can make for the first day and first week. I 'm anxious to start guess, it be a long time since we have been able to do that

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My goodness !! Such lovely covers !! Wanted just to buy one of them but... sigh.. looks like it's all 3 again !!

Updated tracklist:

< CD Track List >

1. GO GO Summer!(「LG Electronics Optimus Bright」CM Theme Song)

2. Girls Be Ambitious! ( Dariya「Palty」 CM Tie-Up Song)

3. GO GO Summer!(Instrumental)

4. Girls Be Ambitious! (Instrumental)

5. To Me (Bonus track for Limited Edition Track C only!)


< DVD Track List >

01.「GO GO Summer! 」Music Clip

02.「GO GO Summer! (Dance Shot Ver.)」Music Clip

03.「GO GO サマー!」Music Clip (Behind-the-scenes)


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I LOOOOVE this concept. Looks very happy and sweet :D

Actually in my opinion my least favorite cover is B yet that's the one I'm going to buy since I collect photobooks -_- darn my luck

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Once again, great cover shoots, the best covers of all the singles they've released to me. Does Nicole have extensions for jacket A and B? I'm actually fond of jacket C the most, the outfits looks great, the girls look bright and optimistic, and a bonus: Nicole in a skirt... hahaha... Is the bonus track To Me a cover of Rainbow's song of the same title?... hahaha... I doubt, but just speculating... hahaha...

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woah...finally they released the jacket covers for their new album in Japan...

the girls are soooo pretty! love nicole's hair!~~~

can't wait to hear their song--Go Go Summer!

thanks for sharing! :)

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Idk... I feel really, really happy for the girls. Not only are they finally coming back after 562834627834 years, and with an awesome concept to boot, but... the fact that they are doing a "Summer" themed song gives me the feeling that they are integrating extremely well into the Japanese market. That they are no longer "Korean pop idols doing Japanese songs" but Japanese pop singers in their own right, who rightfully deserve to be part of the Japanese music industry. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. ^^ Because if I'm not wrong, Japanese singers tend to release summer themed songs at least once in their career haha

Cover C? haha I've always thought Cover As are the nicest (because they are pink >.<) but I know it's just me ^^

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All the covers are so cute! :D I'm so excited for this single. It seems like it would be a fun, summer song.

I really hope they promote it on Music Station and other music shows. :)

(I really want to see a performance of Jet Coaster Love too...)

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well the girls are going to promotion this single, so maybe the girls were get to go on music station. The question is when would they be able to go on music station. Since I think music station always like KARA, and KARA is always accept in the Japanese industry. And like every single KARA had manage to get on music station. Before the whole situation happen in Japan, KARA was always schedule to be on music station. So I guess this is going single is going to be no different. I'm able wondering what the to me song is, maybe it is 2Me in japanese. I found this on youtube it a little preview of the B side of the single


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