Your KARA/Karaholic Collection


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My only memorabilia from them and contents are pretty cool! Its the StepItUp 3rd album DVD set. Anyways it contains three sets of autographs from each of the members and one member signed it with a message. Comes with cards with signatures on them. Cant tell if its real or not. A few sticker sheets a photo booklets with signatures on them. I bought it all the way from South Korea took three weeks to get here! Fake or real autographs still a pretty cool item to have!

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I have special editions of their Japanese full albums and all limited edition Blu-rays, but that's about it. Not sure if it's worth taking a picture, as those CD/Blu-ray covers are all over the Internet.


But none of those are yours that's why you should share ^-^.  Besides your arrangement and style of your collection is all your own, whether that be arranged in an awe inspiring pattern, organized in a nifty display case, or thrown gently in a heap on the floor.

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@jappy .. I can't see it anymore .. don't show me again   

I am so Jealous Now ...haha 

Only people who know me know what I has for Kara Collection ///

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