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From what little I've heard her speak English, Ham is pretty fluent and has very little accent. Why doesn't she speak it often though? Like in that one interview conducted in English, only Nicole was speaking in English >_> Maybe she was afraid she might mess up, or something. Well, she did have less exposure to the language than Nicole since she was only in the US for about a year or so, but I like hearing her voice in English~ Maybe she can practise with Nicole and get better and and and they can have a duet in English <33

Ham's English moments!
lol she broke down at the end, so funny XD

Gyuri was hilarious; Ham was just like, oh, this is easy

Haha, this counts right? XD

lol, this is so anticlimactic, a "no thanks" and the convo's over XD

Sung completely in English! (:

So, what do you guys think of SeungYeon's English? Let's share Ham's English moments XD


Bonus : Gyul's english too biggrin.gif

Ham singing Strong Enough by Stacie Orrico

"Hello everyone,Im Seungyeon.Hi"

Wakeeeeeeeee up~~~

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haha, i think she mentioned that she's not that confident in conversing in English? it has been a long time since she put her English to use. lol but she was Nicole's Korean mentor at one point, so yep...haha, I'm sure it's still good...just that she doesn't use it often? :D

there this old clip of them. Nicole was using her phone dictionary to check her Korean Spelling and Seungyeon said to her, "Let me see." Short phrase, but it gave us a clue that Seungyeon maybe does talk to Nicole to in English ....sometimes? or she uses bits and pieces of it here and there. lol

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I think this is a common case when people better at listening than talking at English.... Many people understand what people saying at english but they didnt fluent enough to bring a conversation with it...

And Judging from the vid, i think she did lose some of her skill at english,esp at the pronouncation and the accent... U should practice more Ham ^_^ U will be a great speaker if u do it.....

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Yeah agree with BabyJun501....

The nearest case is me, when im hearing my family having a conversation in our region language, i understand what they are talking about but if u ask me to talk like them then im a such a loser there.. :thumbup:

I think she speak english the best at the Star gOlden Bell time, the one with GyuRi... Esp when she said "Some kind of transportation and bla bla bla..." that was a perfect pronouncation and accent...

Ah not to forget the one in Family Needed, i forgot which ep but its the one where she goes for a hiking ( i think..) with her mother and then she said the "Amazing, Unbelievable" word with such a engrish way... LOL... so Funny...

Practice more SY, we wanna hear u speak in english more, that would be awesome to hear...

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her english is so cute!

she had english parts in secret world too right?

at first i thought it was nicole :thumbup: lol

ahh i remember that sgb!


and seungyeon..she used a pretty big word "transportation" lol

hopefully we get to hear some more of her english and not just cole's :eyelove:

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Ham is really smart girl so i think she know english language very well but she did not get a chance to use it often so she may felt a bit rusty or uncomfortable speaking. It is quite similar to Thai people where they can understand everything but can't speak very well.

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I think this is a common case when people better at listening than talking at English.... Many people understand what people saying at english but they didnt fluent enough to bring a conversation with it...

Yeah, this happens to a lot of my Chinese friends. But usually they can speak the language but not write it or read it. The case seems to be the opposite for Ham though, haha. She can understand it but doesn't like speaking it. This is unfortunate since I love it when she speaks English. I love it when she gets all hyper and squeals randomly but that's another matter.

On a side note, I was like "EHHH? XD" when I saw SY auctioning her Oprah book before I realized it was in Korean and not English, haha.

to be honest Nicole's english is a little off ish for someone who was born there.

Haha yeah, I think Cole developed an accent. Maybe she tried to learn Korean too hard? Her English is still very good though.

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I wish there were more clips of Ham speaking in English so that it'd be easier to compare her with Nicole. But I think we have to remember that Ham and Nicole (especially now) don't speak English on a daily basis; anyone can get pretty rusty without practice.

Anyway, Ham singing "Strong Enough" was amazing! I love her voice, and I agree that she should get some(maybe more?) English parts in Kara's songs.

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oh i didn't know that seungyeon lived in the US before. what was she doing there? studying?

i've never heard her speak english. wish i knew kara earlier. -.- i didn't follow much about korean singers when i first came to singapore, not like when i used to back in indonesia. but now i'm fully into korean singers again. haha~

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