Which Kara song is most played on your playlist?


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Lupin all the way! I've known of Kara since 맘에 들면 but Lupin was the song that really made me sit up and take notice of them, they've really come a long way from their debut days. :) Wanna is a close second, I had that stuck in my head for ages after I first heard it!

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not sure if i have replied or not...

anyway, omg. this is hard because i have tons of fav songs from kara.

but after calculating back...i guess i'll stick with 'ol time fav...

Don't Be Shy

classy, jazzy, elegant, beautiful. simply in love with that song from the moment i heard it.

ps: omg! i saw someone else up there chose the same song! yay~ xD

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Mine are Lupin, Mister, I'll Be There and Wanna. Wanna is the first K-pop song I've ever listened. I became addicted to KARA and K-pop thanks to Wanna. Mister is really catchy and fun. I love listening to it. And it reminds me of my beautiful memories with my best friend. We used to go to the girl's bathroom at school which has a big mirror on the wall and practice Mister's dance. (School's janitor busted us while we were making the butt dance, haha.) And Lupin is... I can't find any reason but there's no need to it. It's great and addicting! I'll Be There is very relaxing. I like closing my eyes and listening to it. ^^

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oh man, this is a hard one. to make it a little easier on myself, i'm gonna choose one from each album!! :) lol

first blooming - don't be shy, i love the high parts. "baby love is good for you~ baby. nananana good for you~ BABY~" <3 kimsunghee!! :D

Rock U - Baby Boy, its really cute..and..yeahh! i like it! "I just wanna love you baby, yeah yeah!"

Pretty Girl - I Am, when i realized how jiyoung was gonna improve even more. her voice shocked me the most :)

Revolution - This album was pretty darn amazing. i liked secretly, secretly & Magic & Let It Go. but my fav is definitely magic. i've always wished for gyuri to rap, and she did! <3

Lupin - Lonely. omg, i could never get tired of this song. the first time i heard it, i repeated it over and over again :)

Jumping - The songs are really cute, which is sort of not my thing. but i really liked this album actually. but i choose Love Is.

kay to break it down now. Don't Be Shy, Baby Boy, I Am, Magic, Lonely, Love Is...HMMM. hard..lets just leave it here :P lol,...my comment's pretty long. and i didn't choose one song /= lol. but its okay?! :D

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