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um to be honest.. when i first discovered them i thought their voices were really childish XD.. so young sounding.. but i thought they knew how to sing.. there were on the same level to me haha..

long story short NICOLE!!!!

i could to relate to her the most and she has a really open and friendly personality :)

also that she thinks a little different and acts eccentric sometimes.. i liked that^^

i hope people give her more credit.. she's too awesome to be in the background ...

I agree with you 100%. I have the same reason for picking Nicole as you do. Though I first liked her in Lupin because of her new hair cut before that I didn't know about KARA. She was the one who made me know more about KARA and like KARA too. She's too amazing to be in the background. I would call her the ace of KARA!!!

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I knew KARA since I knew kpop (2 years) but I didn't follow them unlike now. The only member that I knew back then is Hara, but when the STEP was released and I saw Nicole, I was starstruck, I mean she's so pretty and sexy and I really love her smile. I think she's one of the prettiest girl I had seen.

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The first member to caught my attention is Seungyoen

I was watching Pretty Girl MV and fell in love with her smile and cute face. Then, as I listen to their song, I also fell in love with her voice which lastly make me addicted to KARA. I'm now love all of them so much especially Hammie~ yay~ ><

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There were two.

Sunghee for her amazing vocals that's probably the best among any girl group to have come out since 2007.

And Seungyeon. I just fell in love with her, admittedly purely for her beauty. But I am so pleased that she was the one to take up the mantle as KARA's powerhouse vocal after Sunghee left.

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