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  • 2 weeks later...

The member who caught my attention at 1st was

Gyuri.I totally felt in love with her charm.

As what her nickname said,she is indeed a Goddess.

Those beautiful eyes and those killer wink.So

that's how i felt in love with her 1st.

But i do love all KARA members as always^^

All are pretty and special in their own way^^

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HARA UNNIE was the one that caught my attention. during invincible youth. i fall in love with her character. and then i try to dig about her life.. i fall in love with kara starts from her. :eyelove: :eyelove:

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To be honest I wasn't a KARA fan at first because cutesy songs weren't my thing. Got sucked into K-Pop by YG groups and I started watching KBS since I have that free on cable. Star Golden Bell was a must watch for me and that's when I first saw Nicole on variety :D

She was so charming and her hyper personality was adorable. Then I saw Goddess as a guest and was taken in by her wit, and then my fangirling for KARA began and has lasted strongly til now ^^

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