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Im sure there's at least one member who caught your attention and sucked you into Kara. :P So, who is it?

for me, it was Sunghee. Good looks, awesome voice... haha. definitely caught my attention. I knew Kara when Pops In Seoul featured them during their making of If U Wanna Mv. At that moment, no one caught my attention..yet. So, i went on Soompi and back logged their thread (wah, its like KARA's informative center there lol) and checked out their past videos on youtube. While in the the process of backlogging and watching their videos, Sunghee really really caught my eyes. Her personality, her voice... just awesome. lol. and then..after getting over how awesome Sunghee was (still is), i began to notice the awesomeness of other members too. :D:P

so yea, who is it for you?

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Do... I really need to answer this?

Will my answer bring justice? LOL

Oh well.

Park Gyuri, not obvious no? Good looks, distinctive voice and very unique attitude. Who wants more? I needed to watch a few videos to get hooked. And she totally got me with her Legyulas hairstyle in Secret World.


Then little by little, I get to know the other members as I watch more videos, and acknowledge the four of them and their talents, I like them equally that if you ask me Who's your favourite Member? I'd tell you, it's hard. =)

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To be honest the first member who caught my attention was Gyuri !

I was watching one of their secret world performance and I found this girl really pretty,

a not usual korean beauty lol.

Then I watch their Break It MV and I found her even more gorgeous

but the member who sucked me into KARA is SungHee :

first because of her amazing voice : she is a great singer (the best new young to me)

and she is also very pretty lol... I miss her a lot !

But It doesn't take me a long time to love SeungYeon and my little Nicole lol.

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um to be honest.. when i first discovered them i thought their voices were really childish XD.. so young sounding.. but i thought they knew how to sing.. there were on the same level to me haha..

long story short NICOLE!!!!

i could to relate to her the most and she has a really open and friendly personality :)

also that she thinks a little different and acts eccentric sometimes.. i liked that^^

i hope people give her more credit.. she's too awesome to be in the background ...

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lol i love these respond! we mention the 3 girls now my turn

Seungyeon ^___^

she totally caught my attention! I was like "she's sooo cute!!" in If you wanna.

her cuteness is also different from others korean celeb too so then I start to watch their interview and i love her even more with her 'not cute' get it?

anyway It was Seungyeon that caught my attention, hook me in KARA, and keep me here all this way ^__^

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well i was first introduced to KARA because of SY.

and idk, her smile just really stood out to me.

i was on blog sites and they were like, "oh, tiffany is being replaced by SY on SSGB"

so i was like, "really?"

and then i looked it up and i was like, "OMG SHE'S SO CUTE!"

and then i read the comments and some of them talked about how she was in KARA and such.

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iam a new fan i know them just a few days!!

i watched their MV break it and when i saw Gyuri :eyelove: i thougt my god she is sooo prettyy i love her face and she is cool B) not the typical cute look what she has!! so i searche more infos about them and the best thing was she is the leader!! cool yyep she is my favv

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well, for me it was SeungJa... I could never forget her face when I first saw there perf. of Break it... she really stucked in my mind.. I love her voice, playfulness and she's very gorgeous..

she was the reason why I liked Kara hehehe... until now I like her...

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sung hee..

caus of her looks...

and seungyeon was next... she looked like stephy tang..

the first time i saw kara was at MKMF's dance battle...

i loved nicoles dance.. though i didnt know who she was... until younha was on ssgb with tiffany and tiffany said nicole i miss you

but sung hee was the first one who had caught my attention

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Seungyeon and Nicole really stood out to me at first...

The first video i saw of them was Break It...

in the beginning of the video when Nicole does her rap

i thought "wow... she's really good at english"

and then Seungyeon came on during her solo

and i thought "wow she's really pretty"

after i rewatched the video...

gyuri and sunghee started to stand out

i thought gyuri had really pretty eyes

and i thought sunghee was a really good singer

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first time i really payed attention to them was an episode of star golden bell a couple months ago when seungyeon and hara came out. they were talking a lot to seungyeon and i thought to myself she's really cute, but daaang she looks suppperr young. haha funny that she's not much younger than i lol ever since then.. im a seungyeon fanboy. tbh more a seungyeon fanboy than a kara one. i do especially like sunghee after backtracking and watching her sing.

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the first time i saw KARA was during their Rock You performance on Music Bank and Seung Yeon caught my attention at first because i thought she had a really cute features especially when she smiles :) but then i realise that Sung Hee used to be in KARA. i have to admit that Sung Hee is really pretty and her voice is really good :) if i've known KARA earlier, Sung Hee might have been the first member to caught my attention

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G Y U R I !

I just thought she was very pretty :) she doesn't really look full korean. She looks like she's half german, kind of like Isak. I really liked her voice too! I just thought it was strong and so feminine.

But throughout their career of '07, i started to fall for Sung Hee. Her vocals really caught me off

Guard. But then i started to learn more of the other members and as of now i really don't have a

Favorite member anymore. But she definitely was the first that caught my eyes :)

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Seung Yeon was first for me. The first time I heard of Kara was when my sister gave me the video for the 2007 Dream Concert. I was only watching the video because I was new Korean music at the time, but Ivy and Cupido song got me addicted to her and as I was skipping through the performances to get to Ivy (I even skipped past the Wonder Girls when I still didn't think much of them then xD) I saw Seung Yeon and I was like "Woah! This girl is cute! and the song is cute!" I instantly googled them and looked for Youtube videos and then realized how cute everyone else and yep! Now I'm here!

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The first time i saw KARA was on Tv at KBS.Can't remember the show though.It just came out randomly.

My thought was "how childish" and begin to ignore them.

lol.Now im feeling very regretful saying that.

After that,I saw them at Music Bank.Seungyeon was the first one to sing.

My gosh.She was so cute >_<.( i guess she's the first that draw my attention :] ).

I loved their voices,outfits and also dancing!.I begin to search them at youtube and found out about the old Kara :lol:.

And since then,i become a fan of them.

I began to like cute outfits and even buying korean clothes just to be cute like Seungyeon. :sweatdrop:.

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