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Well... Seungyeon was the one that attracted me at first...

I was charmed by her aegyo and her bravery...

Jumping off bungee jump without hesitation at night...

Catching a rat with only glove (in KARA Bakery) when cleaning while the rest run and scream...

Killing a fish without blinking an eye (in Idol Army) while the 2 male watch in horror...

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It was Sunghee's voice in Break it, Two of us, and Secret World. When i heard those songs, i was like OMG this Korean girl group has really great tunes and voices... next thing i knew i was searching their music vids on youtube like crazy :w00t::thumbup:

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i only became a kamilia this year.

when i moved to japan last year, i saw kara on the news every so often. gyuri first caught my attention with just her beauty. but that was it. nothing really happened after that.

then i saw jiyoung on a japanese variety show. i always thought jiyoung was the oldest member, and i thought, with her short permed hair, that she could almost be a "lady" or "woman" as opposed to the "girl" that i now see her as. these are just my response to their appearances.

this show that they were on aired right after new years. they all sat at a counter with some other japanese comedians in front of a buffet of japanese new years dishes. they all had to guess which of the dishes were new years foods in japan. they'd guess, then drink oajiru (wheatgrass? very bitter) or something plain tasting to see if their choice was correct or not. i'm sure any kamilia would know what show i'm talking about. jiyoung didn't realize that what she had just drunk was quite bitter (as seen through hara's expression). anyways, obviously she lost.

the penalty was for her to enter the room with a whole bunch of one hit wonder japanese comedians, and that's when i saw a side of jiyoung that just captured my heart. i don't even know why i was watching this show to begin with; must have been meant to be. jiyoung performed with several of the one hit wonders and.. you know what i'm talking about. she was just too adorable for words!! (gekidanhitori's reaction here)

when i realized that she was the youngest of them all, i was suddenly interested in how kara's looks can be deceiving in that each member has such a unique personality and unique look. it was refreshing to see.

to me, kara is such a well balanced entity, and again, it's refreshing to see!

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I think it was Nicole :D But when I found out about them .. I did not become a fan .. at first I didn't really like them .. I loved their music but the members lol How stupid I was .. I did not even know them pretty much haha well all changed in Lupin days when I felt in love with Hara and her hair :-D

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watched them on 2PM's idol show, not interested.

Then thanks to Jiyoung, after i watched a cut of her from SSTP guesting, i'm hooked.

though i must say, not because a certain member, but it was 1st Blooming music that really pulled me into KARA.

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It was 3 minutes reaction after I watched Mister Japanese PV. I was kinda curious about the new Korean Girls group who debuts on that month(August 2010 I think). And then after I watched it... suddenly I just kinda confuse which part of this girls were from Korea? I mean... how Korean girls group could speak Japanese this well. Then I tried to googled it and boom KARAHOLIC found... Find their all discography and info, etc and in a matter of days I couldn't pick which is my favourite in KARA. After a year(yes, it's actually took a year), I watched so many of KARA talks in Japanese TV and Invincible youth 2 hit me strike in my head.

At that moment, finally I know that I like Jiyoung dorkiness and naughtiness! She and Hara always become my favourite members, but my bias is Jiyoung for sure :eyelove:

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it was Hara 1st that caught my attention..

after watching Mister MV, my friend bring me RM episodes that has Hara as the guest star

and i asking him to bring all hara's tv-show

she was doing her best in all her tv-show especially in sports with competition XD

one moment that i still remember, i'm surprised that she can move a truck with that slim body

i'm starting to follow Hara since then :P

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