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Okay, I'm so confused, do the girls no longer live together anymore? No more dorm??? :crying::gemhuh::gemduh:

if you remember back during their lawsuit, there's news about the girls actually already moving out even before the lawsuit taking place, since if i remember correctly Seungyeon and Nicole's parent house was close to their dorm, so both of them usually spent more time there, and Jiyoung's parents move up to seoul too to accompany Jing

after the lawsuit ends, the girls still living on their own --> 88-line and Jiyoung with each parents, while 91-line had their own (Hara rented her own house/apartment and based on Lupang's info in Nicole's thread apparently Nicole also has been living on her own too since they move out from their dorm last year)

hope it helps :)

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Found something interesting in 6theory~

No wonder everyone want to go to Japan~

Too bad that only KARA and SNSD can do something like that, the rest of Kpop group pretty much irrelevant (exclude BoA and Tohoshinki already, they 're from another league)

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did everyone see/hear about Kara's newest deal with FamilyMart! It's a huge convenience store chain in Japan (the third largest in Japan and the largest in Korea according to Wikipedia) The CM is so cute, and the girls look great in the advert! Now to wait patiently for the Snickers CF!!

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GOOD NEWS!!!!! It seems like Kara has been invited to this year's Kouhaku (most prestigious music show in Japan!!!) So proud of these girls! This is going to be EPIC!!

With their successful Japanese promo under their belt this year, SNSD and Kara have been invited to appear on Japan‘s most celebrated year end music special, ‘Red and White Song Battle’. Both groups were invited for the first time ever and this year they’ll be joined by ‘Red and White Song Battle’ regulars, group TVXQ.

Sankei Sports along with other Japanese media outlets have reported on the 29th, “SNSD and Kara are confirmed to appear on NHK‘s ‘Red and White Song Battle’” and “TVXQ returns for their 3rd ‘Red and White Song Battle’ appearance”.

Announcing the news of their invitation a newspaper wrote, “The Korean Powers will decend on ‘Red and White Song Battle’”.

‘Red and White Song Battle’ invites singers that have actively promoted on the respective year and that have been widely loved by the fans. 50 some odd singers and groups are invited, then they are divided into red and white teams to showcase their performance. It is considered to be the highest honor for any Japanese artist to be invited and it is also one of highest rated show year in year out among the end of the year specials.

SNSD and Kara were considered for their appearance last year as well, but their brilliant Oricon chart rankings were not enough to get them on the list. With this year’s invitation they have truly reached the superstar status in Japan.

In a related news, Sankei sports reported, “Jang Geun Suk, Chosinsung, 2PM, and SHINee were also on the prospective roster, but in the end only SNSD, Kara, and TVXQ had made the list”.

sourcer: nate

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this is interesting which is shared by a fan according to some youtube statistics.

it's self-explanatory.


[c] karakarapei

hahaa, this is nothing new!!1 I think alot of intl fans think that the majority of Kara's fans are girls because most intl fans of kpop in general are girls, however Kara is not that popular with girls in the sense of being fans of a "girl group" Kara only has about 21% female fans according to one study by Mnet or Melon (I forget which one) and the other 79% are males between the ages of 20-65!

You can see it in almost everything they show with Kara that includes the fans...even in Japan now, if you look at the fan-meeting pictures, alot more of them were males than the first time! Listen to Kara's STEP showcase and look at the people waiting in line, again, about 80% male, watch the fancam of Kara fanmeet, and what do you see? lol. I think Kara is doing well though even without a large female kpop following. I have complained about this before but females really dominate kpop. Whoever they like, is who is going to be "on top" Kara has struggled with things like sales and digital points(though they are getting better) mainly because for some reason or another, female fans refuse to be "fanatics" over them, however, Kara is still well known to them and they still wish to emulate them BECAUSE of the fact that men love them; this is what secures Kara's top idol spot and lands them enough endorsements and public recognition. Being famous in K-pop is really a science! That's why groups like 2NE1 got so big so fast, they attracted a large female following that supports them like crazy right from the start!

I think when people wonder why Kara can never win online voting, they always think it's because Kara doesn't have enough fans...well here is the real answer! grown men ages 35-65 hardly have time to be on the computer voting 24/7 for some rigged award, they have to work, they have families to take care of and other important stuff to do!

ALSO check this out!! The room of a hardcore Kamilia!:


cr: giantbabyjing.tumblr.com

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lol @ GooBurberrHara

men don't have time and so that's why kara isn't getting high on votes.

now, do all men have the patience? it could hurt in long run..


GooBurberrHara and ksXtryker said it all. :)

MIXI Ranking .....25/9......1/10.....30/11

KARA ............95137.....?????.....98061

Hara ............35133.....35081.....35013

Jiyoung .........22709.....22695.....22959

Nicole ..........20672.....20687.....22123

Seungyeon .......19516.....19520.....20698

Gyuri ............9599......9590......9794

[c] baidukara

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included 1st oct numbers
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I was SO excited when I saw that list! This just once again confirmed Kara's massive popularity in Japan. I really hope they'll attend (and drop all those year-end awards in Korea) because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It'll help them gain even more recognition and boost the sales as well!

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MIXI Ranking .....25/9.....30/11

KARA ............95137.....98061

Hara ............35133.....35013

Jiyoung .........22709.....22959

Nicole ..........20672.....22123

Seungyeon .......19516.....20698

Gyuri ............9599......9794

[c] baidukara

@red4summer: sorry to ask, is this for international fans? or just Korean & Japan? :)

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dwango (mobile content provider) has announced the results of its yearly download ranking!

<dwango.jp (Uta)> Chaku-uta 2011 Yearly Ranking

01. Lotus Arashi

02. Everybody Go Kis-My-Ft2

03. Meikyu Love Song Arashi

04. Aoi Bench Tegomass

05. Maru Maru Mori Mori! Kaoru to Tomoki, Tamani Mook.

06. Distance Nishino Kana

07. Promise A.N.JELL

08. Miss You A.N.JELL

09. GO GO Summer! KARA

10. Mada Minu Sekai e Arashi

<dwango.jp (Full)> Chaku-uta Full 2011 Yearly Ranking

01. Everybody Go Kiss-My-Ft2

02. Memeshikute Golden Bomber

03. Maru Maru Mori Mori! Kaoru to Tomoki, Tamani Mook.

04. Flying Ger AKB48

05. Everyday, Kachuusha AKB48

06. GO GO Summer! KARA

07. Yowasete Mojito Golden Bomber

08. Mata Ashita

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Wait until you see THIS


Artist charts:

uta category:


single category:


Song, album, videoclips charts


3. KARA - Go Go Summer!

10. KARA - Mister

16. KARA - Jet Coaster Love

30. KARA - Jumping

61. KARA - Winter Magic


7. KARA - Mister

11. KARA - Go Go Summer!

20. KARA - Jumping

26. KARA - Jet Coaster Love

76. KARA - Winter Magic


3. KARA - Mister

8. KARA - Jumping

9. KARA - Jet Coaster Love

10. KARA - Go Go Summer!

29. KARA - Winter Magic

36. KARA - Mister (Dance Shot Ver.)

45. KARA - Jumping (Dance Shot Ver.)

52. KARA - Lupin

59. KARA - Jumping -au Smart Sports ver.-

75. KARA - Ima, Okuritai Arigatou

76. KARA - Jumping

77. KARA - Go Go Summer! (Dance Shot Ver.)

81. KARA - Jet Coaster Love (Close-up Ver.)

Chakushin movie ranking (a video + ringtone)

2. KARA - Mister

4. KARA - Go Go Summer!

11. KARA - Jumping

12. KARA - Jet Coaster Love

33. KARA - Go Go Summer! (Dance Shot ver.)

40. KARA - Jet Coaster Love (Dance Shot ver.)

56. KARA - Winter Magic

81. KARA - Jumping

87. KARA - Jet Coaster Love (Dance Shot Ver.)


7. KARA - KARA BEST 2007-2010


24. KARA - Girls Talk

27. KARA - Super Girl

46. KARA - Mister

53. KARA - KARA BEST 2007-2010

66. KARA - Go Go Summer!

82. KARA - Jet Coaster Love

86. KARA - 1st Mini Album

Shopping charts:


6. KARA - Super Girl


Music DVD:


Video DVD:

12. KARA - URAKARA vol.1

13. KARA - URAKARA vol.2

16. KARA - Making of URAKARA

18. KARA - URAKARA vol.3

19. KARA - URAKARA vol.4

cr:jun.na@6theory/ http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/yearly_index.html

I dunno why KARA BEST charted two times in the album chart lol~

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