Special Stage or Collaboration With KARA

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Well..for me..i would love if SHINee Onew and KARA Seungyeon have a duet together.....

please don't get me wrong..

i would love too if SHINee and KARA have a joint stage together....

well they are better together ,right?

but..still..i can only prefer Onew and Seungyeon ONLY!

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of course SHINee all the way!!


i want them to collab together when shinee's going to debut in japan.. :DDD

i hope j-shawols & j-kamilias would like them to watch together in one show<33

that would be epic.! :DDD

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That answer is BEAST!!!!!! It'll be EPICC!!! Kikwang with Jiyoung!!!Junhyung with Gyuri!! SeungSeung couple! Hara and Doojoon then!!!! Dongwoon and Nicoleee!!! Thenn uhm... yeah I GET YOSEOB!!! LOL JK!!!

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definitely KARA and SUPER JUNIOR!!!!

say YEAH! to SUPER KARA!!!! woohoooo~

that would be sooooooo AWESOME!

SUPER JUNIOR dancing to Lupin/Jumping

KARA dancing to Sorry Sorry/Bonamana

EPIC!!! :lol2:

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I want to see them collaborate with rock bands as they did on a Korean Music Award, but i can't remember what exactly is

They sang Honey..

Mighty Mouth?

Yes, I want a KARAINBOW for Korean or with B2ST singing Shock or Beautiful...; for Japanese I would prefer a "Koda KARA" (Koda Kumi) cause she's Hyung's favorite J-Pop singer... or for a Rocking one "RicARA" (Rica Matsumoto) my favorite seiyuu, and and she has sung on lots of styles (Pop, Rock, Ballad, etc.) altrough she prefers Rock, she was a member of "JAM proyect" until 07 (or 08 I don't know) when she took a hiatous of the group.

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