[2011.11.23] Japanese 2nd Album - Super Girl


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totally awesome, I happy with the girls just getting in the top 10 yearly chart. With just 3 weeks before the end of the year chart, and yet KARA manage to slip themselves into the running. Hopefully it be 450K this week. I think it would be, sell are very consistent. 96K to 75K is not a big drop. Hopefully get 50K this week, and get double platinum. Which would mean double platinum in like a month. Wouldn't that be the short amount of time a korean girl group got double platinum.

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wow, your graphs looked really lovely.

They really give you a visual feel past just numbers. :thumbup:

thanks so much for your hard work. ^_^.

if it's not too much trouble, (doesn't have to be everyday or weekly, probably like monthly) it would be nice to see these again. ^^;;;

of course, if you're too tired or lazy, you don't need to. =)

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Day 1: 73,076

Day 2: 55,486

Day 3: 27,210

Day 4: 30,024

Day 5: 37,357

Day 6: 36,449

Day 7: 16,128

Day 8: 15,248

Day 9: 12,925

Day 10: 10,563

Day 11: 9,304

Day 12: 15,191

Day 13: 16,713

Day 14: 7,143

Day 15: 8,683

Day 16: 15,622

Day 17: 8,712

Day 18: 7,943

Day 19: 11,936

Day 20: 15,756

Day 21: 6,247

Day 22: 5,531

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Super Girl is doing so well~~~

And if things keep going the way they are this week KARA has a good chance of climbing to the number 1 spot on weekly again. BIGBANG is their biggest competition this week but their sales are decreasing (14k -> 4k) while KARA's are pretty stable (6k -> 5k -> 4k). They can be the first Korean girl group to have an album be #1 for two weeks Go go KARA fighting!

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Thanks for the awesome charts radenoactive :D

Super Girl's sales are so impressive. 450 000 sold and number 7 on the yearly charts in three weeks. Amazing!

Thanks for keeping us updated with all the numbers. I was hoping Super Girl could get to 500 000 this week but I think I was too greedy as it is their fourth week. It weould have been cool for the girl's to go double platinum in a month :blushing: Still this week's numbers are nice and steady and they might get no. 1 over BB.

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I think that the girls may get 30K this week which mean that, they would probably break 500K this week or next. Since I think this week, they had nothing on japan televsion. But next week they have the Hey3, so it would probably boost up sells, and help them get 500K, or over 500K. But they did amazing, and they are going to get number 1 again for this week. Beat out the competition, 2PM, shinee, and big bang, seem like they can't hold onto the chart like KARA can. CAuse they the other group fall over the chart, yet KARA stay on the chart, and manage to get number 1 again. Wouldn't that mean they are the first korean girl group to get number 1 twice.

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I just knew why the title of 2nd Japanese Album for KARA is Super Girl...

Maybe it's because of this?


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