[2011.11.23] Japanese 2nd Album - Super Girl


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Wow chill. Poster just wanted to know if it was possible. You prob should be the one to be told to get off your high horse.

Wow relax, I didn't mean any harsh comment, I just want to tell him/her don't be over-confident. Guess I use the wrong phrase instead, sorry if it was my fault :blush::sweatdrop:

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^ wow, so about 105k more.......

but, B'z albums sold are also rising everyday sooo

yeah, you're right it might be very close.

ikimonogatari last year started promoting on november 3rd, but they got rank 2 within the top 100. 906k sold. Wow~~~

It'd be cool to see something like that happen though. Best xmas present ever? ahah :rolleyes:

it never hurts to have wishful thoughts. :wub:

does anybody know the last date it counts towards yearly? I wonder if kara will get any end of the year awards in japan. Kara has been really active in japan this year even with the crisis. =)

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does anybody know the last date it counts towards yearly?

If I remember correctly, last year the date was December 15 so it's probably mid December-ish :)

As for my previous post, sorry I was just wondering :gemsorry: it's just that I'm still very unfamiliar to Jpop and I hardly pay any attention to yearly charts~

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if it's 400-450k, as long as kara remains within the daily 30k-ish range they could do it.

I was assuming that to be in the top 10 you'd need at least 750k.

(i guess I was wrong)

I know usually number 1 is more than a million.

If kara's album continues to sell at the rate we're currently going, we might have a chance....

but i think the numbers are going to fall.

last year number 10 was Kimura Kaela with 469k.

soo roughly around 194k more?

but, that was last year's numbers. I duno about this year's numbers.

But we do know for sure that they will be in the top 50 =)

Nah the music industry is not that good anymore. None of this year's albums has reached 1 mil yet. If I remember correctly the top 2 albums have sold >800k copies.

Super girl has sold 16 128 copies today

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here's the yearly top 10 albums not including this weeks weekly

*1 *,822,304 **1,866 ここにいたこと / AKB48 11/06/08

*2 *,806,150 **2,325 Beautiful World / 嵐 11/07/06

*3 *,738,533 ***,973 願いの塔 / EXILE 11/03/09

*4 *,648,486 **2,729 BORN THIS WAY / Lady Gaga 11/05/23

*5 *,632,016 **2,580 GIRLS' GENERATION / 少女時代 11/06/01

*6 *,482,773 ***,432 Checkmate! / 安室奈美恵 11/04/27

*7 *,414,725 ***,*** MUSICMAN / 桑田佳祐 11/02/23

*8 *,411,494 ***,939 SMAP AID / SMAP 11/08/17

*9 *,390,816 **1,467 いきものばかり~メンバーズBESTセレクション~ / いきものがかり 10/11/03 累計1,297,572

10 *,380,595 ***,706 C'mon / B'z 11/07/27

Super Girl should sell at-least 100k this week, so Kara does have a good chance making it into the top 10 with only 2 weeks left.

..... also sorry for forever being mia :sweatdrop:

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that is freaking amazing

they have break into 300k already

and now they have kohaku written for them

so amazing

though it will be hard for red team to win especially with arashi playing bigger role this year

but still

i wish them the best and hopefully they will have fun there

kohaku is damn tiring


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^ They get it pretty close to midnight so they broadcast a new year special right after it. I'm so excited for this! Every year artists who go to this event always have incredible performances. I'm curious to see what the girls pull out of their hat. Maybe they will sing a new song from this album!!

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KARA will definitely perform early since they have one underage gal with them

since Japan have this child labour law of no kids will work after 9pm

that's good i think since they will be the starter and they can get all the rest they can get after that and enjoy the show


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Awesome! Can't believe they've smashed 300 000 copies sold in less than a week and a half and still selling steadliy! :blushing: It looks like they'll be second this week in the album charts after the amazing Perfume this week too.

Their singles have done very well in the yearly Oricon charts so far according to the jpopcentral forum. In the top 150 they are:

24 *,229,745 ***,365 GO GO サマー! / KARA 11/06/29 (Go Go Summer is still selling! :thumbup: )

25 *,225,175 ***,*** ジェットコースターラブ / KARA 11/04/06 (Jet Coaster Love)

62 *,112,788 **2,541 ウィンターマジック / KARA 11/10/19 (Winter Magic still selling too :thumbup1: )

So proud of them!

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