Experts Chosen Top 3 Idol Girl Group Best Albums


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This is from a ranking voted by experts in popular media and culture.

Of the top 3 ranking for the best albums by Idol Girl Groups.
(posted around April 7th, 2013 at but cannot access - need to register)
Voting Members: Music Critics (30), Song Composers (10) (he was interviewed by YTN News Channel which is a 24 hour general News channel)

김작가 (Kim, Jak-Ga): Music critic and popular culture writer for DongaA monthly (The montly magazine for Donga Daily which is one of the top 4 newspapers in Korea - among Joong Ang Daily, Korea Daily, Chosun Daily and DongAh Daily)

이경준 (Lee, Kyung-Joon): Popular culture and music critic
(Here is a News article with interview with Choi, Gi-Ho on idol music from the Kyunghyang Daily)

신정수 (Shin, Jung-Soo): MBC TV Music PD for I am Singer
(Interview with news site about I am singer).

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similar to what i thought on an old AKP thread comparing girl group ballads. i put First Blooming #1, Wonder World #2. (i don't listen to SNSD and never will.)  

R&B style like First Blooming are always easy on the ears and don't get boring or repetitive even after many years. Furthermore it's very difficult to get four singers with attractive and soulful voices.

there's a reason why these three 2007 girl groups are still around and still at the top.

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  • Kara originally debuted as a four member group in 2007, made up of members Sunghee, Nicole, Gyuri, and Seungyeon. Needless to be said, the Kara of debut and the Kara we know today are wildly different from each other. First of all, contrary to what their recent discography may reveal, Kara originally debuted with a more masculine, R&B inspired image, complete with the more boyish clothing and a heavier, sassier sound. Second of all, there was the presence of ex-member Sunghee, who would eventually quit following the group’s first album, for educational purposes, and only to be replaced by the more famous Hara and Jiyoung.





  • The presence of Sunghee brought an entirely different dynamic to Kara, allowing the group to carry a more mature air and an exceptional and diversifying line of vocals. Sunghee was a complete vocal powerhouse, and her huskier vocal tones added some much needed contrast from the more delicate vocal complexions of the rest of the girls. Following Sunghee’s departure and the addition of Jiyoung and Hara, there was a complete change of dynamics to the group, a change some argue Kara has never really recovered from.


  • “Don’t Be Shy” is a track that perfectly encompasses Kara’s image during their debut era, and the differences in style and execution from their current material are blatant. A mellow R&B inspired track complemented by the classy musings of a piano and the dramatic cliffs of horns; it’s a track that differs greatly from Kara’s more recent projects but is yet a track well worth listening to. The girls’ execution is absolutely compelling and perfectly fierce, a testament of their prowess as a rookie group. From Nicole’s slightly nasal vocal complexion to Seungyeon’s lighter, more delicate timbre, the distinctions in the four girls’ vocals are highlighted and stressed, creating a very intriguing and dynamic listen. Gyuri and Sunghee in particular work perfectly in this environment, their richer and more distinct vocal tones taking full center in the song, with their commendable vocal acrobatics not going unnoticed either.
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KARA 1st Album was amazing and I still don't understand until today why it didn't appeal to mass people. I fell in love with KARA thanks to this album so it will always have a special place in my heart. I'm so glad experts also see the quality of this album.

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First Blooming is a great album no doubt, beside their singles on that album my personal favourite would be 'the two of us',...i assume its only because of the timing on why that album not really doing well at that time


Kim, Hak-sun: The undisputed best album by an Idol Girl Group that I cannot fathom why it failed.
Kim, Kwang-Hyun: It was unbelievable why the general listeners neglected this album at the time.
Han, Dae-Yong: An album that must be re-examined.  


agree on all comments

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Wow, this is just the best news I have heard all week. The First Blooming is and will always be my favorite Kara release: the vocals and the music, everything is just WOW WOW WOW. It just makes me so happy that this perfection of an album is finally being recognized for its fabulousness <3 

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I think it was the performances who make "The First Bloooming" keep down, they were rookies and it's normal make mistakes or get tired in the middle of the "live".


I watched her debut stage and, I'm a kamilia and I love all of them, but God, that was terrible, "Break It" is an amazing song but needs strong vocals, and you just can't make it right if you have nerves and it's your first time, besides the movement and the speaking acting, only experts can sing and dance same time without lose their voices in the middle of the song, that's why I think, people don't pay attention to them, you can have a great product but if you don't know how promote it, is like you are selling nothing

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Wow! Kara's First album is close to perfection. I just listened some songs and it left me teary-eyed eventhough i don't understand the lyrics. They are also perfect in harmony. I think DSP should release the album once more.

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as a non k-pop enthusiast this album really blew my mind

like how could k-pop have this kind of song/album, i thought k-pop was all about girls that singing with kiddy manner

i agree that timing was the problem

label as 2nd finKL maybe one of those problem. only made people expect too much from this rookie and didn't have fresh factor like sung hee said


my fav song is erase your tears, love the opening with piano. unfortunately there is no live version, even there is no piano cover


ahhh all we can do now is watching old footage via video streaming

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