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Mamma Mia  

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Kamilia's, as we all know, our ladies of Kara just made their comeback with the song Mamma Mia, and of course, they are killing. But then again everyone might not feel the same, so what are your thoughts on Mamma Mia? Did you like it? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Or is it just whatever?

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voted. :) I'm curious too on the people's thoughts.


I should start:

My votes are the following: Love, Like and Korean Version.


Why do I love the song?

- I love it because the song shed me a tear. It feels like the song completed me. I also felt the chills while listening to it the first time. Maybe these reasons are enough to tell you why I love the song. :)


Why do I like the MV?

- I was expecting more from them, tbh. The MV is good (then it became better and better for how many times I played it on YT [i'm still camping on the YT channel to increase the view count. lol])


Korean Version!

- I do understand some Japanese words than Korean but I feel much better when listening to the Korean. :D

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I think it was really good! I would have liked them to play up the "night and day" concept more?? I didnt really think it tied much, maybe if the MV had more of a plot. The song is amazing and very Kara. The album is okay as well, I kind of wish they would use more subtle instruments. Some songs are so "loud/noisy/" and harsh on the ears and its not because of the girls singing (which has improved) but because the producers keep using digital instrumentals instead of real/acoustics. I'd say this is one of the strongest kara comebacks but as an album it falls in the middle. I don't like "So Good" so I hope they promote 24/7 or something else as well. 

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It was okay, but I hoped for more.  I like 0J and always watch what she is doing in the videos, as well as the reactions of the others to her.  This video reminds me that I really miss Nicole and Jiyoung.  I think that the MV would have had a lot more pizazz with them.  I would love to have KARA 5 again, and I'd be happy to include 0J in a KARA 6. 


Nevertheless, I think this song will perform well on tour, and if the upcoming album is strong, that will make Mamma Mia even more popular.

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Hate it. sounds very generic.

Meh MV. Just typical dance + close ups. Of course Seungyeon slayed it. Her dancing moves and techniques are top-notch and fierce. Then suddenly a close up of her cute beautiful face just makes one breathless.

Didn't listen to Japanese version, and I don't think it matters. Had to pick at least one to complete the poll, so selected both.

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Actually, the MV, i scored same as Damaged Lady,

I expected better like Pandora or Step, the example of 2 MV's that I like.

My favourite MV is Ima Okuritai Arigatou, Orion, Winter Magic, But I know that's a totally different styles of MV.

For the Songs, Honestly, most of it just at average, but not bad, but I tends to more stick with older album, even from The First Bloooming album, Vol.2 Revolution, Step, Damaged Lady/Runaway, and most of Japan album.

Just the "Story" song stand out from the others.

Anyway. Thanks for your hard-working, KARA. Thanks for your effort, you've tired, stressed much because pursuing this. I appreciate all of your effort, And I will continue to support as much as I can, to make KARA always life, bringing another awesome album again.


MV - Meh.

Songs - Ok, Still like it, but not my favourite.

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I think we can unanimously agree that this is one of their best songs. 

First, Duble Sidekick did not disappoint. This is trademark KARA, and personally, I'd rank this with 'Break It', 'Mister', 'Lupin', 'Step' and 'Pandora'... There is a natural progression that you can sense when you listen to these songs in succession, there is a clear evolution in sound, from raw, playful, powerful beats, to upbeat, understated energy, and then this-- a pure, mature, back-to-basics, retro-disco sound, you can tell that the composers respected their performers, aware of their capabilities and clear in their objective.

I am listening to their previous songs as I am writing this, and you may disagree with me, but nothing was lost in terms of their sound. In fact, 'Mamma Mia' is richer in detail; where Sweetune relied on strong melodies and beats, Duble Sidekick went with harmony and rich instrumentals and bass accents to drive the song. 

As for vocals, their current lineup is undeniably cleaner. While Youngji had only few parts here, giving her more at this point would have made her stand out a lot, her voice is pretty distinct and would have thrown off the resistant fans, which is why most of her lines are at the chorus. My guess is that over time, for this song, they will assign her some of Gyuri/Hara's lines. Their new blending is sleeker, nobody stands out (even Hara who gets the most lines is pretty much balanced when just listening to the song). Whether it's because they've improved or because two left is open to argument, but it's clear that they are transitioning (or going back) into a more vocally-oriented group after listening to the entire album. Sure, none of them is Sunghee, but the point is that they blend well and that's more than enough at this point.

MY SUGGESTION: Play this song on good earphones or speakers. Don't listen to it with your standard laptop/pc speakers.

(Oh man, 'Story' just came up...  :touched: )


I agree that it doesn't offer anything new in terms of concepts, but presenting something new visually would just overwhelm the song and the member change, so it's a safe concept and sticks with the album theme. There's nothing much to say, really; while lacking in plot, it's a visual delight (duh, it's KARA). My only gripe is that the dance transitions are too fast, it would have been great if they gave the chorus steps more time. Personally, the video would have made a stronger impact if they kept the 'room' sequences to the stanzas, the chorus solely for the dance sets.

We all know that the Japanese videos are often much better, and based on the short version, I think I am going with it.


All things considered, I am just so happy for KARA. After all the hoopla, the drama, and just when people were dismissing them as has-beens, they rise up stronger than ever. Do I miss Nicole and Jiyoung? I do (even Sunghee), but when Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Youngji give you such a strong case to move on and look forward, there's no good reason to dwell in the past.

If 'Mamma Mia' and 'Day & Night' is what they can offer us at this point, then we can only wonder and anticipate with excitement what else they have in store for us in the future.

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MamaMia is a very fun and entertaining song from start to finish. I think its not bad. You can say its a 'fresh' song for this new KARA start.

Agree. The song is catchy and the choreography is pretty cool.
After FB comeback kara was ready to grow up as an artist, once again, but now the scenario is kinda different. 
Probably kara is still not a solid group but be patient  ;)
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Seems that I like the Live Performance a lot, compared to the MV...

In MV, their dance is too much cutted because of the camera transition, as already said by some of you above.

their dance in live performance = daebak. they must be practicing really hard for that!.

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Kara killed it!  :OCZgm: 

The song is really good. First time I heard it, I like it already. The second third fourth and so on I just fall in love all over again and every time I watch the mv I just  :OCZgm:  :aha:  :ahh:  :admire2:  :shy:  :wow1:  :wow2: 
Like really the whole thing about Mamma Mia is so awesome. I can't help but smile every time and I prefer the Korean version more. Although the Japanese version is relatively good as well, it just feels weird xD But I know it will grow in me after some time :3

Oh and I just really want to say this that in general, Mamma Mia as an album is so good. Like really!  :wow1: The songs are so refreshing. I could literally listen to it all day and just sit here with a cup of coffee while reading a book :3 I hope GyulHamGool performs "Story" tho and maybe "Red Light" too as a whole. I really love that song too.  :admire2:

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