Whose voices can you distinguish?

Whose voices can you distinguish?  

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  1. 1. Whose voices can you distinguish?

    • Gyuri
    • Seungyeon
    • Sunghee
    • Hara
    • Nicole
    • Jing

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For me personally, it's easy to distinguish between their voices. & even from the first time listening to a new song.

Easy as how to distinguish between a cup of milk with sugar & a bowl of spicy noodles!

Gyuri has anime-style voice, Seungyeon has a unique voice, Hara doesn't sing a lot (lol!), Nicole sing/speak faster, & Jiyoung has a soft/young voice. Who else? Oh, yeah! Sunghee: she has a strong voice. There is no way to miss.  :complacent:

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It's really easy for me to recognize their voices since everyone has a certain tone to them. From Gyuri's really unique voice (her voice seems to have a higher pitch) to Jiyoung cutesy voice. All their voices are still amazing though and cannot be missed!!

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I couldn't recognize Hara's voice from Rock U to Jumping era. Starting from step, Hara's voice has become more distinguishable and stable. She improved alot. Now I can tell their voices easily. Jing with the sweet voice, Seungyeon with her high pitched voice, gyuri with her unique goddess-like voice, nicole who has a very versatile voice from sweet to sexy from low to high and Hara with the deep and husky-ish voice. *yay* 

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Gyuri because of her high-pitched voice
Nicole because of her unique? (don't know what word to use) voice
Seungyeon because of her really cute voice hahah and it makes me smile everytime I hear her voice but she can have that powerful diva tone to her voice too especially a few years after debuting :)
Jing because of her "baby-like" voice
Hara sometimes sound abit like Jing so it's a bit hard to tell
as for Sunghee.. it's pretty easy because her voice is more powerful compared to the others (Last time)

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I'm pretty good at telling Gyuri, Nicole, and Jiyoung apart. Seungyeon and Hara are still a little bit difficult for me. Sometimes they sound like each other, or Hara sounds like Jiyoung. I haven't listened to much of the first album, so I can't really recognize Sunghee's voice either.

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I can distinguish Sunghee, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Nicole most of the time.  Sometimes some of them sound too alike when they blend in with the other voices, but most of the time they have unique voices. I can sometimes tell hara's voice too.

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I can definitely distinguish the voice of Gyuri when I first listen to Kara musics. Her voice is so unique! I can also distinguish Jiyoung's voice most of the time because her voice is similar to boa's. Actually now I can distinguish all of them! Hara and Youngji was the hardest because their voice is very similar.

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